Friday, 22 June 2012

Cruy Cruy Out!

Hello beauties!

I'm, sorry, but I couldn't help myself here. Jan was on some of his IT forums, where some of these videos were posted. It was hilarious. If you don't know who Riaan Cruywagen is, You're probably not South African. Click here, it's his wiki page... Because he is that famous! ;)

Now, during the last few days, a series of videos were uploaded to YouTube, urging South Africans to learn from the master of awesome, and be awesome. Cruy Cruy (AKA R-Creazy) goes on to give lessons in awesome.

I laughed so hard at lesson 7, I couldn't breathe. My hubby obviously skipped to the funniest place a few times, and we LOL'ed and ROFL'ed for almost half an hour.

If you are acquainted with Cruy Cruy, enjoy this with me. If you are in some other counrty around the world, and you miss your home land of sunny (not today though. Misty, windy, cold...) SA, laugh and wonder how in the world this was allowed to happen. If you don't understand this at all, I really am sorry! :)

Yup, that's what I said... I'm featuring three of the seven lessons, 1,6 and 7. The others didn't have me in stitches like 7, though.


Have an amazing weekend! Stay warm if you share the Southern Hemisphere with me, enjoy the beaches and sunshine if you're up North, and have a generally fabulous time.

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,

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