Thursday, 21 June 2012

Do's and Don'ts for healthy nails

Hello beauties!

I did this post about what your nails say about your health last week. Today I want to quickly touch on what you can do to keep your nails in a good condition.

Don't chew your nails. Not only are you damaging your nails when doing this, but you can damage your teeth too... And because of the germs that can be found underneath your nails, you could actually become sick because of nail biting! It's a very bad habit, but like all habits, it can be broken.

Try taking a calcium supplement or chewing gum to keep your mouth busy.
 Don't chew the skin around your nails. This usually goes with nail biting and is just as bad. Chewing the skin around your nails can cause bacterial and fungus infections, which can be very painful.

You also shouldn't pick off nail polish with your teeth, or using whatever other things you can find. You can thin out and split your nails by doing this!

 Don't use your nails as tools! Rather use the correct tool for the job... :P

You should be using the right tools for keeping your nails healthy too.

Try to keep the nails clean and dry. This will help prevent fungal infections, and will also help keep the nails strong, preventing breakage, splitting and softness.

Trim back and file the nails regularly. Find a lenght you're comfortable with, and keep the nails there. The longer the nail, the easier it will break. The shorter the nail, the more sensitive the skin underneath the free edge will be, since some of the nerves are exposed.

If you have a bad ingrown nail or toenail, don't try to treat it yourself, especially if it is infected. See a dermatologist!

The same goes for any infections you might pick up, so why not treat your nails like you treat your body?

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,

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