Friday, 8 June 2012

Favourites for the week!

Hello beauties!

I have some favourites for you again today, so lets get started :

I love this haircut incredibly much. The purple hair and a-symmetric cut are awesome and I simply adore it. Maybe because I used to have purple hair myself! Read more about it here.

I think this is brilliant! It's so easy to do and colourful, it'll brighten up any cupcake or cake under the sun! And who doesn't love rainbows?? Perfect for kiddies parties and me. :) From Oh Cupcakes.

 Don't you think this is so cute for a little girl? Also for flower girls and such, this would look great. It is originally from a Russian site that won't open on my computer. :S

This photograph is just amazing. You can actually see the photographer's reflection in his eye. I might even try drawing this one... It's from Flickr.

Look at this little angel! She's the cutest little thing ever!

I love this queen of hearts image! Even her lips for a heart. I have no idea where it originally comes from though.

Don't you love this tutu outfit? If I have a daughter one day, she'll wear these all the time! :) It's from Etsy.

This amazing portrait is by Bayani De Leon and the colour use astounds me. Love it.

This digital artwork is by Andrey Lazarev and you can find a much larger version of this image here. This is beautiful!

This beautiful blue makeup look is from Grzee and I think it looks amazing on her!

This mermaid look is all over Pinterest, but I can't find the original owner of it. There is a pink version as well. It's so soft and beautifully done.

 This is a pathway somewhere in Belgium. Just... wow.

This steampunk look is from Steampunk Couture. I absolutely love this image!

Lovely neon flowers on black nails. Such a cute Summer look, that I might just try to frighten the cold away with! :) It's from Southern Sister Polish.

This is by artist Jasmine Becket-Griffith. She has a whole series of goth-art like this one. I love this image so much! There are more ones here, including mermaids and fairies, so have a look!

Last, I have this button cupcake image. It looks amazing! Too pretty to eat! It's from this Flickr.

I hope you all have an amazing weekend! We're going to need it after this week. So many things happened here and to those I love, so I really pray you all have a peaceful weekend, filled with love. Good luck to the funeral goers, and know, you're in our hearts and prayers. Grandma is in a better place now!

Also, my heart goes out to the family and friends of the police officer who was shot and killed this week. Violent crime in our country is bad enough, but to kill a policeman in front of his son, and that for a bicycle and cellphone, is unheard of. Please pray for our police officers and their safety! My cousin is one, so this is close to the heart!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,

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