Monday, 4 June 2012


Hello beauties!

I hope your weekend was amazing. Mine was great! We spent yesterday in a mini zoo, and saw amazing animals close up, including lions, jaguars, leopards, tigers, bears and smaller things like seals, otters, monkeys and a variety of snakes and reptiles. I took a bundle of photos, but sadly, most of them are blurred! :( But my hubby took some too, and when I get his pics, I'll post some of them!

Just a shout out to everyone who competed in the Comrades Marathon yesterday. You all are incredible! I know a few people who finished with good times, so good on you! Franco actually finished with an injury... We're all so proud to know someone with your willpower! Congratulations!

I've got two cool hair tutorials for you today I found on the internet (Pinterest as always...) and I thought I'd share since I'm planning a hair competition... But more on that later! On to the hair!

 This one is from this website. I't in Chinese, but you can easily follow the directions from the images. It's actually a little larger on the website, blogger compresses the images for some reason, and I can't make it bigger here... But anyway. Such a romantic style!

It's chic and elegant, and would look great for a night out with the girls, a romantic date, as well as an event like a prom or wedding.
This one is from this website (which is in Russian), where, again, the image is much bigger. There are a lot of cool hair tutorials on this site too, some of them incredibly intricate princess styles, but most of them wearable everyday.

Simple and easy and it looks so cute!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals!

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