Monday, 11 June 2012

Lindsey Sterling, rock to violin!

Hello beauties!

I hope you stayed warm this weekend. Man, is friggen freezing here in SA! And, it's my mommy's birthday today in this cold. Happy birthday momsie! Love you so much!!

I love music, and I think most of you do too. I have a thing for classical type music because of my Art teacher in high school who played it constantly while we were art-ing. I love violin music specially, since it can be so soothing and yet so violent at times. Shortly after I found the Piano Guys, I found Lindsey Stirling, aka Lindsey Stomp, on YouTube.

This girl is incredible I tell you. She'll throw on a costume, stand on a hill, and play that violin to the sounds of Lord of the Rings so it seems she's actually from Middle Earth... Same girl will dance and play hip hop on the same violin and seem perfectly in place when she does it. You can have a look at her website, where you can buy her music as albums, singles or sheet music too.

She does every genre of music thinkable, so you'll hear her play the classics, her own compositions as well as new music like Starships from Nikki Minaj (which is her newest cover). This versatility is great, since you don't know what she'll do next. I'm going to post some of my favourite videos here, so you can enjoy the sounds with me!

Amazing, huh? If you like, subscribe to her!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,

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