Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Lipstick art

Hello beauties!

We all witnessed the start of this trend. At first, it was just a brave few who actually created these looks, just for photo shoots. Now, it's become so big, it's walking the streets. And, while lip tattoos are still in, creating your own lipstick art with lipsticks, glosses, glitter and more, has taken the stage. From super heroes to animals, if you can draw it, you can wear it!

Of course, ombre is all the rage right now. You can ombre your hair, your nails, your clothes, your house, and why not your lips? If you do this, keep in mind that the rest of your makeup should be toned down a notch or two. Stick with neutral or nude eyes, with just the needed liner and mascara, and just slightly made up or bare cheeks.

You can also tone down the ombre by using a shade or two darker lip liner around the edges and blending it with the lipstick. This was always a taboo (to have darker lined lips), but oh, how the times have changed!

Glitter and be-jewelled lips are in too. You can glitter the whole lip area, or just stick to the middle for an ombre effect.

So tell me : would you wear lipstick art for a night on the town? What do you think of it? Please let me know in the comment section! But now on to some serious lipstick art... Artist Natalie Irish likes to kiss her art, literally. She puts on some lipstick and kisses that canvas until she's created something beautiful. Like Marilyn Monroe's face. :)

Now if that isn't lipstick art, I don't know what is... Wow!

Do you like my little bird cage? I got it from blogamation.com and it's free! If you haven't noticed it yet, it's on the top, right of my blog. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


  1. Baie lippe & soene vandag ne vriendin? Maar hoe bly die edelsteentjies op die lippe? Wed jou na die eerste soen is almal af ;) Jou wordplay met Natalie Irish se kunswerke is awesome, slim kind! Ek stuur voeltjiesaad vir jou voeltjies lol xxx

    1. Yup, love is in the air ne! Happy anniversary! Mag daar nog vele meer wees!

      Ek dink nie die goed is bedoel vir soen nie hoor. Besides, wie gaan rhinestones wil soen?? :) Dankie dat jy altys lees en ondersteun. Love ya lots!!

  2. Some of these look amazing! Just found your blog. Loving it. :)


    1. Always love to hear from new folk! :) Welcome! And thank you for reading! I'd actually wear some of these ombre ones out, and I'm not big on lipstick. :) Checked out your blog too, and it's great! :D

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