Thursday, 28 June 2012

Smokey eyes!

Hello beauties!

Since I started doing makeup, I've found that incredibly few people really know what a smokey eye is. Most people carry the illusion that it's simply black or grey eye makeup! Just the other day I was doing someone's makeup, and both she and her mom thought I was crazy when I said a brown smokey eye would look great with her blue eyes.

So I thought I'd do a post on it, to explain it a little. I know this is going to bore a lot of you, but it needs to be explained.

A smokey eye is a technique, just like cutting the crease or winging liner are techniques, and just like cutting the crease and winging liner, it has nothing to do with colour. Smokey eyes can be done even in light neutral tones or purples and blues and greens and browns...! I actually do smokey eyes on a daily basis, since it's softer and more blended than cutting a crease!

 So, what is a smokey eye then? It's like this picture shows. two (or how many ever you'd like) colours are applied to the two halves of the eyelid, meeting in the middle, where it is blended into a gradient. With smokey eyes, you also have to bring some of the colour underneath the eye, to give it that smoked effect. This dark colour can be brought at the way to the tear duct, or it can be stopped halfway.

This differs from cutting the crease, where the darker colour is applied in a C or V shape at the outer corner, and taken partially or all the way, through the crease. This means that only the crease and the outer C or V will be dark, and not, like the smokey eye, half of the lid. You also don't need to bring any colour underneath the eyes.

It's as simple as that! I really hope this helped you!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


  1. what about the underside of the eye? How does one get it to look clean like that -- and not like the makeup just ran down one's face?

    1. You can always apply it with a blending brush and clean anything that looks too messy with a cotton bud, or whatever brush you used to apply your foundation. :)