Thursday, 7 June 2012

Special Effects Makeup - Pencil in Hand

Hello beauties!

I had some fun again yesterday while watching Blue Bloods. I don't know where the inspiration to play around with special effects came from, but I'm glad it did! I also started to take step by step photos, but the camera's battery died and I continued taking pics with my phone, so if the quality suddenly drops, you know why. Let's get started!

Step one :

Find a pencil you're not overly fond of. I had this really short one that I didn't mind getting full of gore. Saw a small part (about 3 to 5 cm) off the end. Mine chipped off a part, but I didn't mind.

I then filed the edges and the part that would be against my skin just to make it smoother.

 Step two :

Put some scar wax on your skin. Now, my skin is really red here because the scar wax wouldn't heat up enough to mould right. It was really cold in my house yesterday (today isn't much better) and the temperature had an effect on all my effects makeup! :(

It didn't hurt though. I just smoothed out the edges and made sure I had a hump of scar wax in the middle.
 Step three :

I applied foundation over it and powdered the whole bunch down. The foundation was slightly lighter than it should have been, but I was too lazy to go get a perfectly matching shade. Oh well.
Step four :

I stuck in my pencil to see how it would look, then I yanked it out of there again.
 I was left with this crater. :D
 Step five :

I filled the hole with liquid latex, and stuck the pencil down again. Due to the cold, the latex WOULD NOT DRY, so I blasted it wit my hair dryer for around 15 minutes. This caused the scar wax to wrinkle badly, and it got worse as my skin heated the stuff from below, but it got cooled from above.

I need better quality products.
Step six :

Anyway, next I took a fine makeup brush and some black eyeshadow and filled in the exposed parts around the pencil and just a bit underneath the crater to make it look more 3D and distressed.
Like so.
Step seven :

I filled in the area around the pencil with various shades of red eyeshadow. A red lip pencil would work too.
 Step eight :

I took a very pale fleshy colour and went over the topmost edges of the crater skin to create a highlight and make it seem to stand out more.
 This is how it looked. See the skin wrinkling? Ugh.
 Step nine :

I added some bronzer and brown eyeshadow to the skin around the 'wound' to make it look traumatized.
 Step ten :

I went back in with the black eyeshadow to create some veiny looking things around the edge, as well as create the effect of bruised skin.
I also went back in with the red, making sure to stain the sides of the pencil a bit.
 Step eleven :

I went in with my gore blood, which is like jelly on the best of times, but was almost solid due to the cold.

I smeared some on the pencil's base and put some around it in the crater. :)
I also put some on the blood trail I wanted to make, just to plot out the shape of it.
 Just a close up.
Step twelve :

I added my stage blood and created the fake blood dripping from the wound.

And that's it!

Total allotted time : around two hours. That's the longest I've ever spent on fx makeup, and it was all because my products were too darn cold.

Now, some pictures of the finished product :

I hope you enjoyed!

Just a shout out to my little brother who is 24 today! Happy birthday boetie! Hope you have an amazing day and are blessed out of your socks! Love you lots!!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,