Thursday, 14 June 2012

Trend alert! Boy cuts and other short hairstyles!

Hello beauties!

So, while we're freezing our hiney's here in South Africa, up North, it's Summer. Nothing signifies Summer like clebs chopping off their hair. Granted, these two both did it for movies, but once high end actresses start rocking boy haircuts, you should get ready for a trend!!

I've read on a few different sites now that the people who know predict a new wave of boy cuts and pixies, and that the days of the long, layered cut may be numbered. Bobs and different short cuts are making a comeback in a huge way, and I for one, am glad about it!

While I love long, bouncy curls as much as the next girl, something edgy on the scene is just what we need to spice things up. So, I've got a bunch of inspiration pics for you to try out if you feel brave enough to cut off your hair, or just look at because it's pretty!

 Messy, short styles are big right now. It can be very short or longer like in this picture, and soft wisps of hair that frame the face are very flattering to any face shape. This is also a great way to wear your hair if you're growing out a pixie cut.
 This messy style is just shorter than the above picture, but is still very fashionable. It has short, choppy layers, and just a few wispy parts around the face as well.
 The pixie cut is still in! A lot of celebs have been sporting this look over the last while, and looked great doing it. Just ask your stylist for advice before you chop it all off, not every face shape can pull it off! There are variations on the pixie to suit most face shapes though, which is why your stylist should be able to help you pick a flattering cut for you!

Longer on top is another edgy way to wear short hair, and is pretty flattering too. Wear it messy, slicked back, forward or perfectly flat ironed, it works!

Short and spiky is always cool! Do a mini Mohawk like this one or, again, go messy, and you'll be the centre of attention.
 Want to grow out your pixie cut? Don't panic, because you can! Cuts that are longer in the neck and around the face, but shorter on top, are  big news now. Styled with wisps outward like in the image, or inward around the neck and face, this look would be flattering for most face shapes, and you can also rock this look if worn messy.
 Another messy look! Bob cuts, long and short, angled and straight, are huge news. All of these cuts can be worn wavy, messy or straightened. Playing with natural hair texture is very in at the moment, and is the easiest way to spice up a bob.

If you are going short, there are some things you should keep in mind :

* Don't loose your femininity! It's easy to look more masculine if you don't dress like a lady when your hair is long, and it's so much easier with shorter haircuts. Always something girly with the rest of your outfit.
* Take extra time with your makeup, specially with pixie and boy haircuts. Emphasise your eyes as far possible. Long lashes will ensure they notice you!
* With shorter haircuts, earrings and accessories around your face is important. It's another way to look softer and more girly.
* If you wear a hat, make sure it isn't too manly. Charlize can pull off a fedora, but heck, it's Charlize. You may not be able to! So take someone you trust along when hat shopping, and make sure you still look feminine in it.

On the topic of short hair, the wonderful people over at Creaclip South Africa have sent me a clip to give away! If you want to win one, here are the rules :

* The give away is only open to South Africans. Sorry about this, but due to conflicting laws in other countries, and our terrible local post office, I can't take the chance to send this outside of SA.
* You need to follow my blog.
* You need to like my Facebook page.
* You need to like Creaclip South Africa's Facebook page.
* The competition will be open until Wednesday 18 July 2012, 12 PM (noon) and the winner will be chosen randomly. I'll probably chuck all the names into a hat and have someone who can't lie or isn't prejudiced (like my grandma!! :)) pull a name.
* I'll post or deliver the Creaclip to the winner as soon as possible after the draw.

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


  1. Whoohoo high five for short hair! Out of bed styles is die beste! Wash & wear is wat ek se wanneer ek hare moet sny. Ek het nog altyd geglo hoe minder hare, hoe meer speelplek vir gesiggie (but that's just me) Good luck vir almal wat inskryf vir die kompetisie, ongelukkig kan ek (weereens) nie deelneem nie want ek FB nie...ah well, you win some & you lose some!

    1. Sorry oor die kompetisie deel! Dankie dat jy altyd lees en comment. :) Mwah