Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Breaking dawn part 2...

Hello beauties!

So today I have something for all you Twihards out there. I have to honestly say, that I've lost my appreciation for the Twilight series over the last time. I won't go of the details of it into it here, but just know I haven't been too impressed with it. From my long forgotten days of fandom, remained the 'liking' of one or another Twilight fan page on Facebook. And I saw the official trailer for the film last night, for the first time (another indicator that I've been out of touch, it's been on the interwebs for a while now, as in over two weeks...).

It was quite impressive, as you can gather, otherwise I certainly wouldn't be writing about it!

I have to wonder if there will be an ending somewhat different that what we find in the book. Running to meet each other in battle didn't happen as far as I can remember (Alice much?), and didn't the other vampires come to the Cullen's, rather than being 'fetched' with one's shiny Volvo. I'll admit I'm a pain in the butt when it comes to movies that were adapted from books I loved. Never sit with me through Lord of the Rings, for example, and those were pretty good and accurate movies! :)

Anyway, here are some press images, as well as the official trailer. Enjoy!

Can I just take this moment to say... biceps! SWOON!! :P


Anyway, are you very excited for the movie in November? I'm honestly still hung up on The Hobbit! But I'll probably be at the opening night of Part 2, facing down crazily screaming fans with my bestie, Liani. Will I be covering myself in glitter for the occasion? No. I would rather got to a Star Wars convention dressed as a Trekkie. (Geekdom beckons to me...) But for those biceps, I'll be there! :D

Stay beautiful folks! And be kind to animals!


  1. Hello, my name is Odette & I am a self-confessed Twilight fan *chorus HI ODETTE* haha. Tickets will be pre-booked, babysitter taken care of & I will get to enjoy uninterrupted eye candy to my hearts content.

    1. Jongie!! I'll say it again... BICEPS! Woohoo! :) Let me know if you want to join our little group outing! Liani books the tickets beforehand, and last year we were a group of 8. We'd love to have you along!