Thursday, 5 July 2012

Lauren Luke hitting hard on violence against women

Hello beauties!

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Ever heard of Lauren Luke, aka Panacea81? She's a YouTube beauty guru with a difference! She's totally self taught, and has a lot of heart. Her story is an amazing one, which you can read here, on her website.

She's created quite a stir this week, with her newest video, entitled 'how to look your best the morning after', which is quite shocking, but very needed. Don't worry, she hasn't been beaten herself, but so many women face this alone every day of their lives. While it isn't real for Lauren, it's too real for too many women. Please watch the video, and share it with all the women in your life!

The video was done in collaboration with Refuge in the UK, and the statistics in the end are shocking. One in four women are affected by domestic violence in both the UK and South Africa. I read that one in six women who die in Gauteng are killed by their partners. This is pretty shocking, isn't it? And if you think about it, we all know someone who has been touched with domestic violence in our circles of friends and family. Let us spread the word against this, because it is a very real issue!

In South Africa, you can visit POWA if you need some support. Don't cover it up any longer.

I salute you, Lauren Luke, for having the courage to speak out about this issue. I know you'll have touched many lives with this, and save many women from their partners.

Stay beautiful, say NO to abuse and be kind to animals,


  1. The general feeling I get when I discuss things like domestic violence with friends & family alike, is that they are too afraid to get involved. Now I hear you & I understand that, but wouldn't you want someone else to help & take control of the situation if & when you ever find yourself in a similar situation & can't cope on your own? You might very well be saving a life, or have your life being saved in return... Just a thought...

    1. Thanx for the comment, friend! I agree with you totally. We live in a world where real women really get abused. It's not fiction, it's fact. And we can talk about all kinds of things, but aren't these the important ones?? And people shy away from them!

      Love ya buddy!