Monday, 16 July 2012

Monday rantings

Hello beauties!

I hope your weekend was fabulous!

I woke up this morning and I have no idea what to blog about! As in, none whatsoever. It won't do at all, since I like to blog every day. So, I have decided that I'm going to rant about some random things! This might be annoying, funny or plain weird to you, but in my world, it's as normal as breathing. Besides, I like ranting every now and again. Ask me about Lord of the Rings. I dare you. :D

First of all, I'm going to brag shamelessly. It's my blog, so I can write down here whatever I choose to! :) And besides, I feel I've earned it!

I have completed my first novel. Did I work into the small hours of many (many!!) nights to get it done? I sure did. I started working on it around November last year, and that was really the second time I started to write it, so it's been a work in progress for much longer than that even.

Now, if you knew me, you would know I love to write down stories and things. Writing is a passion of mine, hence the blog. In high school, I had a friend named Michelle (Bonjour Roxelle! Personal joke, you won't get it. :P). Michelle and I were pretty inseparable, being pretty much equally crazy, and the two of us were always working on scripts. I have to be honest here and say we never completed even one! But we had fun planning on and writing our scripts none the less!

Given that little piece of background, you can accurately assume that I have never completed a novel either, though I have started on hundreds in my lifetime. So my first instalment of what I plan to make an epic trilogy, which is a 450, give or take, page, 26 chapter novel for teenagers and young adults, causes me an unnameable amount of pride. Now to find a publisher! :) I have to say at this point that the target market was teenage girls. So if you're a hardcore fantasy reader like I am, but of the opposite sex, it won't work for you. Go read something manly. :D

Of course, if I open the file again, chances are my grubby little fingers will caress the keyboard lovingly, and edit, edit, EDIT, so I'll start on the sequel as soon as possible to prevent this from happening. I'm also planning on doing some art of a few of the characters, so lemme know if you want to see them here.

What's it about? Let me know if you want to know the details, and I'll let you know. (: But it is safe to say it's science fiction crossed with fantasy crossed with some romance, added a little pinch of action, mixed in some drama, throw in a bit of Victorian... Wait. That doesn't help. Let me put it this way. It's a combination of Lord of the Rings, the Sword of Truth series, the Belgariad and Mallorean, Suckerpunch, Twilight, The Hunger Games and the Notebook. Wait. That doesn't help either, does it?

It has some hot guys in. That should sell it.

It's very cold here in my part of the woods. The weather was supposed to start looking up by now, since that time of the year is approaching. You know, SPRING! Some places in the country have hit temperatures as low as -4 and only reaching a temperature high of 5 or so degrees Celsius. Some places where it NEVER snows, have had snow. It's cold alright!

Our August winds have come early this year, and it's howling and freezing outside. Of course, schools in South Africa always choose the coldest week of the year to resume after the June holidays, and my heart goes out to every kid under 18 and teacher in the country. This includes my mother and mother in law. It makes me even more thankful that I could sleep in this morning, warm in bed, only getting up at quarter to eight, with the blankets pulled up to my chin and the electric blanket on... No, I didn't just say that out of spite! How dare you accuse me? If I had a glove, I'd hit you with it and challenge you to a duel! (Sorry, I'm stuck in another era...)

Cupcake is doing much better, basking in the extra attention she's getting. Little minx has us all in a tizzy over here, simply sitting and staring at one with her big, brown eyes, demanding to be given all the attention one can spare and more... She no longer climbs onto and off of the furniture anymore either, waiting to be carried around and placed where she wants to be. The ruler of my household is a four legged little bitch. :) But the stitches annoy her, and I hate seeing her in any state but completely happy.

I want to send a shout out to my cousins who are back in the country after they went to Mozambique with their church group. Hope you all had a fantastic time there! We need to visit gulrs!! :)

If you want to avoid posts like theses, where I just randomly type whatever comes to mind, please, send me some ideas to blog about! If you like posts like these, where I just randomly type whatever comes to mind, please, let me know, and I'll do it more often. I like randomly typing. It makes me happy. :)

This quote is so beautiful and true. Let it be your guide this week. Never stop believing you can achieve great things, and never stop believing your dreams really can come true, no matter what happens. Everything really does happen for a reason!

I have always wanted to write a novel. I never believed I could actually succeed! And every time I attempted to write one, something happened that cost me my confidence and I never completed one. But this year, I did it. That is something amazing to hold on to! Seek out your dreams, and believe in yourself enough to reach them! Never give up on them! Just hold on and keep believing, because eventually, everything will fall into place, and be as it should be.

Stay beautiful, and be kind to animals!


  1. Rant away, you've got my vote on these types of posts! If not, why not? xxx

  2. You go girl!! Love your post! xxx