Friday, 27 July 2012

Olympics 2012

Hello beauties!

Today is the day... I have personally been waiting for it for a long time. I am SUCH a geek. It's true.

I love opening ceremonies.

I love it  because it's so extravagant and beautifully planned, with so many people running around to make it happen. And you learn a lot about the country who's hosting whatever sports event it it. But the Olympics are always better to watch and I love it especially when my country's athletes come marching in. Patriotism never flows through my veins in quite the same way (except when there's rugby on. :P).

I love watching the swimming, because the South African athletes are so good there. I'm crazy about the gymnastics and the events we don't usually see except during the Olympics, like archery. I told you, I'm a geek.

Good luck to all the athletes. May your games go by smoothly, without injury, and may you do your best. For those athletes from South Africa, make us proud! We'll be watching you, praying for you and carrying you in our hearts. Good luck! (:

Will you be watching the games this year? Will you be glued to the screen tonight (or however late or early it might be on where you are) for the opening?

Let me know!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,

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  1. My stepdad is in London, looking after some high-profile visitors there whilst the Olympics are going :) Yesterday he stood in front of Kengsington Palace for a photo (hoping to catch a glimpse of dear prince William perhaps?) So exciting! Not usually a fan of the Games, but this year is different just because he's there! Who knows, we might see him on tv :)