Monday, 2 July 2012

Paintball Wars

Hello beauties!

I'm really very sorry for not posting on Friday, a lot of you have been asking me why, and if everything is ok. I'm fine, really. We had a nation wide internet outage (???) on Friday, so almost everyone was unconnected. It sucked. I couldn't even check my emails, since only half of them come through on my phone. Scary how dependant we get on out interwebs! I don't even use a dictionary any more! If I want to check the spelling of a word, I Google it! :)

Friday's post would have had some amazing makeup looks in it, and here is my awesome opening paragraph :

Just a short and sweet post today, as I'm getting ready to go away for the weekend. Going to the Vaal River with family, and the boys are planning on killing each other with some paintballs as well. Let me tell you, the last paintball war was almost as epic as Helm's Deep in Lord of the Rings, pink, green and orange paintballs moving in slow motion through the air, brave men falling in battle, and relief coming in the third hour, with Gandalf on his white steed, Shadowfax... (Hey! I'm writing a fantasy novel... I get carried away! So shoot me. :P) This year they have more ammunition and spare air cannisters as well, which makes their playing time twice as long. Think of me tomorrow night as I'm tending wounds (mostly some oddly round bruises and bruised ego's...) along with the other women who are going. I'll try to get some phodies for you guys to enjoy. Wishing you were here, Willem!

I hope your weekend was amazing! We had some fun away with family. It was pretty cold at night, but actually not too bad during the day. I spent most of my time reading, while the others were out there slaughtering each other. I have some pictures for you today, though I didn't get any of the round blue bruises. And bruised ego's. There was one case that was particularly bad...

The paintball warriors getting ready for round one. Uncle Herman and my father in law joined the round after this one as well. Don't they look all happy and clean? :P

Paint on Almarie's leg. Ouch.

Cousin Pierre returning after the last round, looking all gangsta!

Cousin Armand looked like a porcupine with all the thistles and thorns sticking to him.

My father in law returning from battle, victorious.

He only had two or three wounds, this one on his shoulder.

Jan tried to hide in the bushes, but that blue overhaul was very visible to us all!

Tired and bruised, but still smiling! :)

Shaun fell into a thorn bush, and this was some of the damage.

Relaxing after the war.

Armand was hit in the head twice! See the one side of his hair looks orange and the other green? Poor man!

What was left of the ammunition.

Paintballs. They shot close to 4000 of the things.

There were a few casualties, but overall, everyone had a lot of fun. Saturday night everyone slept like babies, and Sunday some still complained about their bruises. I think today they'll all be even worse. :) Jan also went through a thorn bush, to get into better cover, he said it was unpleasant, but he had to do it to win the war. How proud an I of my brave man! :P

Here are some pics from the rest of the weekend.

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,