Thursday, 19 July 2012

Vibrant coloured hairrr!

Hello beauties!

So. What do you think of unnatural hair colour?

It's been popping up more and more as a fashion statement and I want to know your thoughts. A lot of people either completely love, or completely hate this trend, and I think it has a lot of negative connotations by our parent's era, because of values and ideas back then. I personally believe that this has changed.

But that may only be because I've HAD weird colour in my hair. I have had only vibrant coloured highlights and flashes, but never (except once for a very short period of time, since the colour washed out) my whole head. I've done different shades of pink, plum, purple and very vibrant red, since I've never found the shade of blue that I wanted, and green doesn't look cool with my colouring. I only have these pictures that I used to use on my website's About page though, since I'm VERY camera shy. Just ask Liani.

That was an extension, by the way, since colour really doesn't sit well on my hair. I think I may have had one on the other side as well, though I honestly don't remember.

I loved having something different in my hair! But other people didn't always think so. Some people made fun of me, and others looked at me weirdly. I can only imagine what happens if you do something way out, like in the above picture.

But then, if you want to be different, you'll do what you have to to find your own happiness! Here's some funky hair colours for you to enjoy.

I love this red. I have wanted little mermaid red hair forever, but I've never been able to achieve it. Maybe it's because I lack the guts. Who knows? And it's more difficult these days, since I only use cruelty free dyes, of which there are precious few in South Africa. My options are now brown, dark brown and black. Whoop dee doo. :)

Please let me know what you think. Would you wear your hair this way, or not? Do you love it or loathe it, and what do you think of people who wear their hair this way?

Our society is really judgemental, and this causes that people are too easily singled out as freaks. For all you know the girl with the blue hair is much kinder than the perfect blonde poster girl. Just think about it!

Anyway, for freaks and weirdo's everywhere, signing out!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


  1. I LOVE COLOURS!!! The weirdest colour I have ever dyed my hair was straight-up brown. When I finally dyed my hair blue, even my Mum said it was soooo much better now that the brown was gone lol My hair is currently turquoise and purple. Normally I get tonnes of compliments, kids LOVE it and I generally only get a few filthy looks. It's not often I have someone tell me i'd look better if my hair was a natural colour (but it has happened). All in all, I like to see people with confidence in themselves and, while I appreciate colours, I like a person who knows how to be themselves...whether natural or nuts!!!
    In regards to cruelty free dyes, you might be able to get Manic Panic in your part of the world. I know that there are a few places on ebay who say they post worldwide (hopefully South Africa isn't one the exceptions!!!)
    Their colours are pretty awesome and the 'Amplified' range lasts approx 30% longer than the classics and they tend to glow under UV lights too! For glow power, I found that Electric Lizard glowed insanely bright:) They are also one of the best dyes I have ever used that don't ruin my even tends to condition it after I strip previous colour with bleach:) I also find that coloured extensions are great for people who change their minds frequently or whose jobs don't allow a little craziness to show and you can stock up enough colours that you could match every outfit you own PLUS they are probably easier to get. I really enjoyed your blog entry and I hope this helped with your colour woes!

    1. Thank you for replying! Unfortunately, South Africa is mostly excluded from world wide shipping policies. Whenever I buy on Ebay or Amazon, I have to have the products shipped to relatives, who have to ship it to me. And since our postal service is pretty much useless, we lose a lot of packages in the mail.

      I am going to tour Europe, and I'll definitely come back with some manic panic dyes! Thanx for the advice!

      Thank you for reading the blog! Always nice when people get in touch. I'd love to see a pic of your hair. I can imagine kids love it. When my hair was pink I also got a lot of little girls in trouble with their moms, since they demanded to have 'pink princess hair' as well. Gotta love it!

      Keep well and thanx for stopping by!