Monday, 23 July 2012

What I'm listening to

Hello beauties!

Monday again. Does it seem to you our weekends are passing us by faster and faster these days? Maybe it's just me.

I spent Saturday shopping with Liani at China Mall. Man, I love that place! We got some purdy awesome stuffs, and I can't wait for what we're gonna do with em! You'll just have to sit tight and wait!! :)

Sunday we watched Courageous. Man, what a movie! Tears flew in my house as we watched it! But it's really awesome, just as all the others from Sherwood Pictures are.

Right, on to today's post. My current favourite song is People help the people from Birdy. If you haven't heard it yet, yikes... Here's the video :

I have to say, I love her voice and the songs she's done overall. I like music with meaningful lyrics. I mean, I can appreciate some 'umbrella, ella, ella, ella' as well as anyone else... No, wait, I can't. I love Bohemian Rhapsody and songs in this class. If a song can tell a story, you'll have me hooked. "Baby, baby, baby oh" won't cut it. Birdy's songs have meaningful lyrics, so she's ok with me.

In my current playlist, I have everything from the Piano Guys to Linkin Park to Taylor Swift to Def Leppard, John Mayer, Queen, the Beatles and Jessie J. I can listen to old rock, the classics, and new pop as well. I love country (ever heard of Hunter Hayes?), classical and alternative. I just don't do metal and I'm not big on club or house, except for a select few songs. But other than that, throw it at me and I'll listen to it, except if it's girly pop. Like Biebs. I don't do Biebs. :)

What are you listening to? Current favourites? Let me know!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,

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