Wednesday, 25 July 2012

White Ink

Hello beauties!

Here's something that's been showing up all over the internet recently. White and skin coloured tattoos is a huge trend these days. I've never seen a mad rock this, but is't very popular between the fairer sex. It's great for it your workplace doesn't allow tattoos to show and you can get a few cool effects with it as well. I love the fine lace type tattoos done with white ink, it's so delicate! Must take hours to do though.

There is also the fact that it lights up under fluorescent lights and who doesn't love that!

But what I want to know (as an ink virgin) is this; if you're going to get a tat, don't you want it to be clearly visible? Please, talk to me on this subject! If I were personally ever to get inked (which is highly unlikely, since I have a terrible fear of needles. I'd pass out before the thing touched me! Really. (: ), it would be like a colourful peacock or something in that line. Do you have some ink? What was it like? Share with those of us who know no better! :D

Do you love it, or hate it? Lemme know!

Stay beautiful folks and be kind to animals!


  1. Wow, interesting concept! I'm considering getting inked...something small & sentimental that will keep me grounded. Once its done, I'll show you! My brother has a couple of tats & they look amazing! One thing he told me is this : make sure of what you want & that you'd be happy with the mark on you for the rest of your life. Because surgically removed tats leave a mark too! Each & every one of his (I've lost count) tats have a specific meaning & that's what it's all about! I think where you have your tat is also very important, ladies, ever heard of the "tramp stamp"? But to each their own :)