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Worth the Read : David Eddings

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So, way back when, I said I wanted to do some posts on books I've read and actually, quite a few of you said that would be cool. In the last time, I've been thinking a lot about books that I could recommend to Liani, who has just started reading fantasy and I want to gradually get her hooked to the point where she, like me, can't survive without it. Like a drug. (:

A great series of books for peeps, like my bestie, who are just starting out on fantasy, is The Belgariad by David Eddings.

The Belgariad is the first instalment of the series and consists of the top five books. If you have read them all, you'll without a doubt want to go on to the bottom five, which are collectively known as the Mallorean.

Don't let it put you off that there are so many books in the series (more really, since Belgarath and Polgara each have their own volume as well...), the books are quite thin, around 380 - 450 pages each. Still sound too much? Take into account that the regular fantasy novel is anything between 600 and 1000 pages.

These books read really easily. And what makes them great is the humour and sarcasm you'll find in them. Fantasy tends to be less funny and more urgent, the cause of the book always needing immediate attention and the party are usually quite serious in finishing what they set out to do. I've only ever found Eddings and Pratchett who do funny fantasy.

The characters in these books are brilliant, Silk with his smooth mouth, Mandorallen, the bravest knight in the world, who is literally too stupid to know fear and Barak and his drunken cousin Anheg cause for many memorable moments. Belgarath and his brothers are friggen hilarious and Pol is classic.They are incredibly sarcastic, hacking away at each other with wit and I promise you, you'll love it. Garion is the protagonist, a youth who is just coming into power and he is quite good as well.

Just a little warning here, the prologues are something else. It nearly put me off altogether, and I had completed the Sword of Truth series (which is some hard core, dark fantasy) by the time I started with the Pawn of Prophecy. The prologues are written as extracts from various history volumes, some of them truthful and some of them lies, spread by the enemy. By the time you hit the third book, you can appreciate the humour in those as well, but when you read the first and maybe the second book, it's tedious and boring to read. Sit through them though, and enjoy what is to come!

Your best bet would be to buy these online. I have never seen all of them together in any book shop before, except when you buy the omnibus, but I don't like those. I've been struggling to get them all together for quite a while now, but I can find certain volumes, and others I can't find anywhere. Maybe I should take my own advice and shop online... :)

What are you reading?

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