Thursday, 16 August 2012


Hello beauties!

Last night, Jan and I went to see Brave in 3D. It's the first time we've been in a cinema since The Hunger Games. *shock* *gasp* *horror*

I loved it. Merida is feisty, driven and fearless. And except for that, everything in life is better with Scottish accents. :)

The story is about a young princess, who is free spirited and does not like to be forced to be what she is not, and her mother, who is kind of a perfectionist. The two love each other, but don't say it enough and are both so stubborn that they don't listen to each other.

So Merida does something to change her mother completely, which created all kinds of sticky situations.

It's a good mother / daughter outing, to go see this film, since it's mostly about repairing the broken bond between a girl and her mom. Also, who doesn't like a girl who can shoot a bow?! The last two movies I saw in the cinema were about the same thing! Only difference is, Brave was actually worth seeing...

It has accents, bagpipes, action and emotional moments. This must be the first ever Disney princess without romance, however I don't think it was really needed for Merida. The man who can tame her is yet to be... animated?

Look, this movie is not Tangled. But it was better than a lot of Pixars and Dreamworks I've seen the last while. It was funny and cute, the hair is amazingly animated and the triplets were hysterical. Jan said if we ever have three boys like the triplets, we're sending them off to boarding schools in different corners of the world. Irony of it is, since Jan had red hair as a kid, chances are...

Think of me, will you. No, I'm not pregnant yet. (:

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,

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