Monday, 20 August 2012

Cutting hair and feeding cows!

Hello beauties!

What a weekend... As usual, I don't have pictures of Friday. I'm sorry. I forget things. (And I wasn't planning on doing a post like this one. Note to self, keep camera handy at all times.)

We spent Friday night with my parents. (Getting to know me just now? Fridays = my parents. Saturdays = in-laws. Sundays= Jan and Yolandie time.) We had pizza and watched NCIS LA. Which is the best show in the world, since it has Hettie in it.

Saturday we spent with my lovely cousins Larissa and Anschke. We went shopping for groceries before we went home and Larissa asked me to cut her hair with my Creaclip. Peeps, it was horrible. I wanted to cry! Her hair was really long and is so friggen THICK and CURLY. I panicked and freaked out a little, but in the end it came out alright. I have no idea how Eugene (her fiancĂ©) reacted. Please, Percival, if you're reading this, lemme know what you think!! After cutting her hair, I did a quick makeup on her, the pictures of which came out really blurred and over exposed. But anyway.

We didn't take before's of the hair and the afters were taken on my phone, so the quality isn't so hot.

Sunday, we went to visit my father in law's twin brother on his farm near Koster. Uncle Tim raises calves for some of the farmers in the area and we got to meet the little babies. The ones in the pictures are about a week old and they love sucking fingers.

Having grown up in the city, it was quite an experience for me.

 This was taken in the old farmhouse. I have no idea how long it's been there and how long it's been allowed to decay this way, but everything is falling apart. An owl has made its nest there and we accidentally chased it off when we came a-stompin' in.

I took these pics and I'm quite proud of them!

 Feeding time. The calves are fed on a schedule, since there are so many of them. I could tell you all the specifics of it, if I could remember it all. But they're only bottle fed for 49 days, kept in separate cells like in the picture. After the 49 days, they're moved into smaller camps, where they graze and sleep together. In the camps, they don't get milk any more, feeding off hay and power feed.

Up to this time, the calves are always hand fed. This creates the problem that the calves don't know how to eat by themselves. Apparently, some of the stronger ones know how to act on the instinct to eat from the buckets of feed and they teach the weaker ones by example and so, all of them survive.

The cold and strange weather we've been having in South Africa has cost uncle Tim some of his calves. If you are of a heart with me, send up a little prayer to keep the farm animals safe in this time. It's been weird here, let me tell you. Snow one week, short sleeves the next. We don't know how to dress any more! :)

Anyway, tell me about your weekend! Have a blessed week.

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,

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