Friday, 17 August 2012

Happy Birthday Bloomin' Couch!

Hello beauties!

Can you believe it? It's been a year since the first time I took up the proverbial pen and wrote my first post. In this year, I've met new people from around the world, I've learned new stuff and I've simply enjoyed writing every day. I've tried to keep up with trends and to report on them. And I've tried to stir up some knowledge about animal testing in the cosmetic industry.

The blog has kind of evolved as well, from being just about beauty stuff to covering a lot of other ground as well. Many of you have noticed this change and have been very positive about it. When I started writing again a year ago, beauty related things were important to me, having just finished my makeup artist course and all. But I'm more diverse than just beauty! And beauty is more diverse than just makeup and skincare. Art is beauty. A good book is a beautiful thing. Friendships and family is beautiful. Creating something crafty is beauty. So, in a way, it has always been a beauty blog, even when it started to change.

At the end of the day, I'm a writer.

It's always been a passion of mine and it's now a full fledged dream to continue to write and have a published and acclaimed novel to my name. Fat Mum Slim (AWESOME blog) did this post about following dreams somewhere this week and it's so accurate to what I'm feeling at this stage.

I hope you'll stay with me on this journey, wherever it may lead us. And I thank you for your support. In the beginning, I had under ten people read the blog daily, all of them family and Liani. Now, I average 700 daily. It's been amazing!

I think I've said this before, but I had a teacher in high school who always said I should be a journalist. I mean, I loved to write back then as well, but I just didn't see how much. I'm always writing something, have been through my whole life and I've actually been published a couple of times as well. It took going through a very dark time in my life and losing other dreams to reconnect with the joy writing brings to me.

Getting up in the morning and typing here has brought a new purpose to my life!

If you have a dream, never let go of it. Sometimes, bad things happen to good people. I'm proof of that! (Yes, I just called myself a good person on the interwebs :P) And sometimes, the blow life deals us is terrible, knocking us completely off our feet. I've had that all-consuming-depression before, believe me. But there is a Light at the end of the tunnel. I believe that God leads us on our way, even when it is dark all around us. He never forsakes us. So I believe it was God who put me back on the path of writing. And He'll carry you to where you're supposed to be as well.

Don't let go of hope. You'll make it big, kid.

Stick with me through the next year, and the next and let's see where we end up. Thank you for supporting my dream.

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


  1. Oh happy days!! Well done my friend.

  2. Happy B-day to your awesome blog! Definitely the best blog alive and always will be! All the best for the future! Stay cool xxxx