Friday, 24 August 2012

Lady Florence

Hello beauties!

Ever heard of Florence and the Machine? The name might nit ring true to you, but I bet you, you've heard some of her stuff.

Florence Welsh is a work of art, moving, living and breathing. As a singer, she's incredible. As a songwriter, she's a genius. If you like epic sounding music, the kind they use for movie trailers, that leaves you feeling inspired or awed, this is for you. Grand orchestras, resounding drums and Florence's extraordinary vocals makes for some WOW music.

Now, I said you've probably heard some of her music. Cosmic love is viral. Never let me go featured in The Vampire Diaries. Breath of life is the soundtrack for Snow white and the huntsman.

I'm adding the music video's for my favourites, so you can rock into the weekend with me. For the love of music, subscribe to her!!

The last one happens to be the soundtrack of Dragon Age 2, Varric's theme. Love it!!!

Stay beautiful, have an awesome weekend and be kind to animals!

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