Monday, 27 August 2012

The countdown begins and crazy shoes

Hello beauties!

So, it's almost d-day here in my house. Today is an all over cleaning day, making sure everything is spotless before we leave. Tomorrow is a laundry day extravaganza, and on Wednesday I'm leaving in a jet plane. My stomach is a bundle of butterflies...

You can expect some short posts because of this jumble my life's been plunged into. I'll try to blog as often as possible, loading the pics of my holiday. I'll also try to keep you updated on twitter (that is, if I remember), so if you want updates there, subscribe and like my Facebook page (where the runt of the pics will be uploaded to.)

Crazy shoes. CRAZY SHOES. As in, really, really crazy. And what's worse is that I'd wear some of them. I'm crazy myself, if you haven't gathered as much yet. (:

Whatcha think? Let me know!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


  1. In my life I had seen a lot of strange shoes, but now I discovered, that there is something what can make me amazed! :) Greetings from Poland.

    1. Wacky, eh? Good to hear from Poland! :)