Tuesday, 25 September 2012

London 101

Hello beauties!


It's the centre of the world. Maybe even the universe. Did I love London? Oh, yes. It's a wonderful place, filled with wonderful sights and it has a constant buzz of electricity. I loved London. If I could stay there forever, I would.

On our first day there, which was Friday 31 August, we went to see all the big sights. Including Ben, who has been renamed now. BTW, Big Ben was never the name of the clock tower. It is, in fact, the name of the main bell inside the tower. It's tuned to play the note 'E', but hasn't done so for a long time, due to a crack down the side of the bell. Who said you'd never learn something interesting on a beauty blog?? (:

First up, the eye of London. We actually went up in the last week of our stay and not on the first, so you'll see images from above later. :)

This thing is really big. I don't know if you can actually tell from the pictures? :P

Anyway, due to the Paralympics still running in the time we were there, London was packed to the brim with tourists. Even in our last week it was still that way because of people staying for vacation after the games were done. It was amazing! So many people, from so many places, all packed together in the greatest city in the world.

This, of course, meant that every tourist attraction in London was packed as well, with entrance lines long and tedious. This big, round structure was no different... But it makes pretty pictures, doesn't it?

Some of the street artists near the eye. They were there every day, including singers trying to make it big, dancers, Michael Jackson impersonators and random, weird looking people in costumes.

Our first view of the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben (now the Elizabeth Tower). Like WOW!

We went on over the Queen's Walk and found some interesting looking people on the way to the clock tower. I just have to say this here, I was in Scotland, where I did not hear a single live bagpipe play, yet in London I heard this one a few times. Irony.

Pictures of Jan, myself and Ben. Notice the masses of people? It was like that for the most of our stay.

Can you believe the detail on the tower? You always see all these images of the landmarks in London, yet you never realise the wow-factor of it until you're there, taking in the details and the awesomeness of the structures. It's mind blowing. Anyway, Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey and St. Margaret's were next on the agenda.

We saw a lot of random things after this, including 10 Downing Street, the changing of the guard, Trafalgar Square, the National Gallery (where I saw my first Van Gogh and nearly passed out... :P) and just some of the sights of London.

And that was day one of our stay. If you'd like to see more of the first day, drop me a line and I'll add some pictures somewhere. It was amazing.

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,

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