Friday, 5 October 2012

Bellisimo Venizia!

Hello beauties!

If you like rustic and fantastic, Venice is for you. Oh, I loved it there! But I mean Venice Island, not Venice mainland (though we were only on the mainland to get off or board planes.). It's magical in Venice!! No cars, friendly people, awesome little shops, incredible glass-creations, AMAZING Italian food... I could go on forever.

We came to Venice on Sunday, 9 September, at around 10 in the morning. We landed at Marco Polo airport and took the public water transport (water taxi's) to the Island. The streets were deserted on the island, as everyone was in church and as we walked into the epicness that is Venice, the church bells started to ring. One after the other, echoing in the streets, the sound meeting us from all sides. It was like a choir of bells announcing a single thing; 'I have arrived!'

What we had seen so far of Europe and the UK had been incredible. The houses and buildings were in perfect condition, immaculately painted and wonderfully kept. In Venice, this is not the case. I mean, it's a sinking city, surrounded by water, mind-blowingly HOT and HUMID in the Summer (and Autumn, as we would learn), but freezing cold in the Winter, reaching lows of -16 degrees Celsius. So metal is covered in rust in Venice, paint peels off revealing brickwork and so on, which lends to the amazing charm of the city.

We didn't have a gameplan in Venice like we had in the other places we'd visited so far. We were going to simply explore, take every day as it came and enjoy what Italy has to offer. Our residence in Venice was a charming bed and breakfast called Ca'Zanardi, which happens to be an old palace. EPICALLITY!! I loved it there and the owner, Andrea, may be one of the friendliest people we met in Venice. My only complaint is that the bed was very, very uncomfortable. So be warned. But the service, breakfast and lodging is otherwise incredible.

We walked around in the cobblestone streets of Venice until about half past one, when we could no longer bear the heat. When I say restaurants and shops advertise airconditioning as one of their special features in Venice, I'm not lying. Those shops and restaurants were usually full of clients, where those who have no aircon were empty. So, at this time, we grabbed some lunch and made our way back to Ca'Zanardi, where we lay about until it was cooler outside, at around 5, before we took to the streets again.

Enjoy the pictures!

 Stay beautiful, be kind to animals and have an amazing weekend!

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