Wednesday, 3 October 2012

For the love of art and little dwarves with strange names!

Hello beauties!

Day 2, Parie, France. This was 7 September and it was a lovely sunny day. In spite of the fact that it was technically speaking Autumn in Paris, it was quite hot (but nothing compared to the temperatures we'd hit in Venice...) What was my main reason for going to France? Well, the art galleries of course!

Louvre. Oh, Louvre! Most people go to the Louvre for one reason; a small, unimpressive painting of a woman who is supposedly smiling seductively. While I did see her, I was quite shocked that people massed around Mona, while there were MASSIVE and AMAZING Delacroix and David's just against the other walls. Friends, I can't fathom it. Since I have a thing for art history, I fell into fits of hyperventilation when I saw some of the paintings I've studied and loved for, like, ever. Though nothing (and I mean NOTHING) compared to the next day and Van Gogh. But anyway.

There is also a general misconception that the Louvre is an art museum. This is untrue! Want to see awesome stuffs from all around history, including Egyptian sphinxes and sarcophaguses? Then the Louvre is the place to be.

But I have to say, the Louvre is really, really big. I think you could spend a week in Paris, go to the Louvre every day, and still not see all it has to offer. Four stories of ancient things, just waiting to be seen by modern human beings. It also covers a ridiculous amount of ground space, so when I say four stories, I mean it would be like Clearwater Mall, times three, with two full extra stories, in South African standards.

After the Louvre, we took a stroll to Notre Dame. When I say stroll, I mean we walked quite far. :) Anyway, we crossed the Seine and saw some pretty bridges and scenery. On one of the bridges, people started fastening padlocks with their names on. It was really cool and pretty, especially from far away, when the sun made the locks glint and shine.

Notre Dame was awesome. The hunchback is currently on a long vacation to Sweden, so we missed him (haha), but Quasimodo's (insert small business type here) was just about everywhere, from restaurants to souvenir shops. The cathedral is HUMONGOUS. It's impressive to say the least. But the thing that stole my breath would have to be the coloured glass windows. I mean, WOW.



The last pics are of the riches in the Vault (which you pay an additional 4 Euros for). There were a lot of sparkling statues and other expensive looking things, I'm not going to put pictures of every one here. All of them are replicas, none are the real thing! But can you say glittering diamonds and a shocking amount of gold and other precious stones? And if you take that the church had so many riches in the times of revolutions and really terrifying poverty, it made it even worse to behold. There was also a wall with small plaques with pictures of the popes over the ages, that's the picture with all the little men in a frame. (:

Sorry the blog is so late today. We've been having problems with our internet, so the going has been slow and annoying. It takes about ten minutes for every image to upload and that's while I compress them all, so you can imagine.

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals!


  1. ooooo I LOVE this blog! Thanx my friend xxx

    1. You have to go one day! I promise you, you'll love the Musee de Orsay even more. Love ya friend!

  2. I love the Ponte de Arts! Such a great gesture to show your love.

    I am dying to go to Paris!

    1. In terms of art, you can't go wrong with Paris! Between the Louvre, Musee d'Orsay and Musee l'Orange, you'll see INCREDIBLE art from your favourite artists. Will chat about Orsay tomorrow, but we weren't allowed to take pictures there.

      Thanks for reading! :)