Friday, 12 October 2012

Last day of Scotland

Hello beauties!

I'm wrapping up this week's posts with our last day in Scotland, which was sunny and quite warm (believe it or not.). We drove from Fort William to Dunfermline, which is near Edinburgh, so we simply spent the day looking at amazing scenery. We didn't get to go into Edinburgh, but we'll be back one day!

In Dunfermline was this amazing park, where we had a ball chasing squirrels. Well, some of us at least. And by that, I mean not me. The boys could spend hours taking pictures of squirrels if you'd let them! (:

Enjoy the pics!!

These first pics were taken in a small woodsy hiking trial. It was really beautiful! Next are some pictures we took on the road. We came across this old well and we walked quite a while to get to it, only to discover the well itself sucked, but the scenery made up for it!!

Here, Willem was like, "Ready to take some pictures?" and then he turned and started to hop, skip and jump down the road. Just too good not to share!!


These last pics are from the park in Dunfermline. Some are of the town and the church in the town. All were taken in the park.


Have a fabulous weekend folks!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


  1. Squirrels!

    Enjoy your weekend, miss you guys!


    1. Glad you enjoyed! Miss you as well!! :)

  2. There can be only one valid response...



  3. Ons het sommer 3 squirrels in ons tuin. :) Een mamma, 'n baba en 'n crazy squirrel. Baie nice pics van Skotland, ekke was ook al daar en dit is die beste plek ooit. Ek gaan daarnatoe as ek oud word. Lekker vrydag!

    1. Dankie! Ons het soveel fun gehad! Geniet jou naweek!