Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Our last day abroad!!

Hello beauties!

So, all good (great in this case) things must come to an end. Our last day in London was spent with Willem, visiting the HMS Belfast and the Science Museum. We had a bundle of fun, especially at the Science Museum!! Well, the boys loved Belfast, but I imagine it was about the same for me as it had been for them in the various art museums we visited. (:

Now, the Belfast played a big role in WW2, but I'm not going to tell it all to you here. Check out their website for more info, as well as prices. Just take note here, ladies, if you want to visit the Belfast, wear flat shoes and don't go for the mini skirt. Can you say 'lots of steep stairways'? As in, ladders everywhere?


Now, the science museum is free, so if you're on the budget tour of London, this is a must do. Besides, it's a lot of fun with interactive experiments, lods of oddities and antiquities and it's an all round fun place to be. And on top of it all, you may just learn something!

And that was it, the last day we spent in London. The next day, we had an early flight back home and we said goodbye to Willem at the airport. Wish we were still there! :)

So, beauties, tomorrow I'll tell you about the makeup I came across while in the first world. (:

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,

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