Monday, 22 October 2012

Rainbows and hail

Hello beauties!

Hope your weekend was something to sing about. We spent Friday night with Liani and Franco and we had a blast. (Bestie, you need to hear this... or read in this case. BLOG something!! (: Please.) We saw them again on Saturday at the Photo and Film Expo at the Dome, after which we went to my parents for coffee and then had dinner with my in-laws.

My cousin, Larissa, turned 25 yesterday and we headed there to help her celebrate. Love you cuz!

We had HECTIC rain and hail in areas in Jozi over the weekend. It didn't hit where we live, but friends posted pics on Facebook with hail bigger than golf balls, in some cases even bigger than cricket balls. This morning on our local online news site, News 24, we saw this article with pics of the weekend's hail damage. It's shocking!

But, after the rain yesterday, we were rewarded with this :

These phodies were in no way edited, what you see here is what we saw yesterday. Wow, huh?

So, I've been thinking of doing a monthly online story. I want to write something, just to keep my keep in practice, which I want to upload here and update monthly. Would you like something like that? Would you read it? Please, lemme know!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


  1. Oooooooooooo...

    Even prettier than in Scotland!

    Lekker week daar :)

    1. Net net! Dankie broer, vir jou ook!! :)

  2. So sorry my friend for not bloging!! I really want to, just can't find the time! I'll make a plan for tomorrow! Thank you for everything Love you stax! xxx

    1. Haha! Just checking up on you! (: Love you too, friend!!