Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Travel Tips Too!!

Hello beauties!

Right. So yesterday, we spoke about what you should research before your trip. Let's talk about what you need to do to prepare for going and silly little things you need to know and have when headed to the airport.

First of all, I strongly suggest you make copies of your ID, passport and visas and head over to your local Police Station to have them watermarked. If something should happen and your identification gets lost or stolen, you need to be able to provide proof of who you are.

Don't keep your copies and originals together. If one is in your hand luggage and the other in your suitcase and one gets lost, you still have the other.

Speaking of luggage, find out before hand what your airline's policies are when it comes to luggage. Some airlines allow a handbag as well as one other hand luggage for us ladies. Others do not. This means that when you reach the boarding station, you either pay a fine (which is a lot), leave a bag behind or squish your handbag into the other bag.

We sat waiting for our flight in Venice and saw this happen to many women, making them incredibly unhappy and causing them to freak out completely every now and again. So be prepared.

Find out what the weight limit is on both your carry on and checked in luggage. Some airlines have a weight limit for carry on luggage, most have a size limit as well.

This is important. Your gels, liquids and aerosols need to be less than 100 ml and secured in a transparent, zip lock type bag. The bag can't exceed a litre in volume and they usually want these bags to be smaller in size. Some airports are less strict on what needs to be included in the bag, like OR Tambo, Charles de Gaul and Schipol. Other airports are not so, like Heathrow. Some places hand out the zip locks for free, others sell them to you. So, if you don't have a bag, you'll be able to pick one up at the airport.

In your zip lock bag you need to include :

* Mascara
* Foundations, concealers and primers
* Lip glosses and lipsticks
* Liquid and gel eyeliners
* Liquid blushes and highlighters
* Any other liquid or gel makeup products
* Deodorant and antiperspirants
* Perfumes and scented oils
* Hand sanitisers and creams
* Liquid medications and aerosols

If I've forgotten something, I'm sorry. I had a little 5 ml gel eyeliner in my makeup bag when we were leaving London and coming home. I'd included all the other liquids, gels and sprays in my zip lock, but I forgot a single 5ml gel liner in my bag. You have no idea how it feels when the bag beeps on the conveyor belt and they start packing out your things. Learn from my mistake, folks! If you're unsure if it's supposed to be in the zip lock, chuck it in anyway.

Now, things like scissors, nail files and clippers have their very own set of rules. Some airlines allow these in carry on, others only in checked in luggage and others not at all. Some of the airlines allow these things only if the blades are shorter than four inches. Check out your airline's web page and make sure what their personal set of rules are.

When it comes to what clothes to take, yesterday's Google exercise will help a lot. Know what to expect from the weather and what your activities will include. If you're going to lay on beaches all day long, you won't need hiking gear. If you're going to sightsee all day long, you'll need comfortable walking shoes and clothes, but maybe not the bikini. The more research you do before hand, the easier it will be to go on your holiday!

I really hope this helped!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,

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