Monday, 8 October 2012

Venice day two

Hello beauties!

Hope your weekend was awesome. Spent the whole of Saturday with my bestie, a part of which was with my cousins, eating what has to be the bestest peanut butter tart in the history of the world. You do good work, Tanja, you do good work. Sent up some Chinese lanterns Saturday night with Franco and Liani, which was quite epic as well.

Thanx for the long visit, Liani. I said I needed a double shot and you delivered! Love you so much my friend! You ROCK!!

Anyway, Venice continued. On our second day there, we saw the Rialto, which is the largest bridge in Venice. It's so wide that it had shops built on it and three walkways between them. On the photos, you can see all kinds of things being delivered by boat from the mainland, including toilet paper and sugar. This was Monday, 10 September.

 On this picture you can see the public water transport. It's the white boat in the front. These cost considerably less than the private water taxi's and are very much like trains and busses in the rest of the world. I think we paid 30 Euros per person, where you can pay up to 300 for the private taxi's. Don't get ripped off when you go to Venice, friends!

We also saw the Piazza San Marco (St. Mark's Square. It's been in a few movies, including The Tourist with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp, so you might recognise it. If you're a gamer, Ezio actually journeyed through this part of Venice in Assassins Creed.) and the INCREDIBLE Basilica di San Marco, which was really amazing. Made from different coloured marble and magical mosaics, this must be one of the most impressive places I've seen in my life.

We couldn't go in though, because of their strict dress code, no bare shoulders, no shorts, no backpacks. We were guilty of all three. Girls, take a scarf with you when in Italy, something small and light you can cover your shoulders with if you want to go into their cathedrals. Also, pack a dress. Some places won't even let you enter in your jeans! I know many guys go in those pants that the bottom of the legs can zip off. It gets REALLY HOT in Italy, so if you're used to shorts, this may be the way to go for you.

 A green pigeon. Someone's mama had an affair with a parrot... We also saw a bright red pigeon, I just can't find the picture. If you know what causes this, or if we're idiots and these aren't pigeons at all, please, let me know.

 The Basilica's bell tower is starting to crumble at the foundation, due to land shifting underneath it at different paces. This is because Venice is slowly sinking and the ground under the buildings is moist. To try and save the bell tower, they're strengthening the foundation with metal rods, to try and distribute the weight of the tower evenly. We saw another tower in Venice where this was happening and it was leaning over to one side quite heavily.



The rest of the day we saw some random awesome sights in Venice and we had the MOST AMAZING PIZZA EVER. I tell you, you don't know pizza until you've had real Italian pizza.

 These top pictures are of another random cathedral we encountered on our way. Beautiful!

Fruit markets in Venice are really big. They love their fresh produce and you'll cry if you taste it. We don't know first grade fruits and veggies in South Africa, my friends. All our best really does get shipped off. And it's really inexpensive to buy fresh produce in the rest of the world as well.

Tomorrow, I'll take you with me to my first ever football (soccer) game, back in England. It was such an experience!


  1. No Problem my friend - the visit was long overdue and it was epic! thanx for everything! Love the blog - already having day dreams........

    1. You're going to love it there, I promise you. Wish I could go with you! What an experience it would be, two best friends taking on Italy together!!