Wednesday, 24 October 2012

What London taught me about makeup

Hello beauties!

So, just like its European counterpart, I wanted to do a post about what makeup trends I saw in London. Now, if you're based in London, please let me know if I got this right, but from looking into London trends from a outsider's perspective, this is what I found.

London's makeup is really diverse. It's not like in Europe, where the girls tended to opt for only two look sets. London girls are bold and in your face when it comes to makeup, as well as subdued and understated. They can rock it all and they do! Here's what I saw a lot of :

Glitter Shadow.

Yes, you read right. I saw an incredible amount of glitter eyeshadow and liners. It wasn't ever tacky, but looked really cool. I saw this look mostly during our nights out.

Bright Eyeliner

This is another one I saw a lot of. It was probably the most popular thing I saw while in London, along with its toned down sister, the classic black liner look.

Bright Eyeshadow or Lipstick

Like the above one. But this will probably start to change now, as the seasons start to change and fall in with the oxblood trend that's rearing its head. (what do you think about this oxblood thing? Is it really the new red? I mean, can red be replaced???)

No Makeup Makeup

Again, like in Europe, this look was everywhere, promoting natural, flawless makeup.

Live in London? Let me know what you think!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,

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