Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Digital art!

Hello beauties!

What is digital art? A lot of people ask this one. Since I do digital art myself, it's something I care about quite a lot and it happens to annoy me when people say it's 'Photoshopping'. Because it isn't.

Digital art is a form of art created on drawing tablets or computers, using a stylus or mouse. The artist draws or paints (using brush effects) the piece from start to finish, just like one would have done on a canvas. Photoshopping is when a photograph is altered to make it look better. Digital art is when a work of art is completed by the artists hand, a new painting or drawing done from scratch. Got it?

That doesn't mean digital art can't be incredibly realistic! Ever heard of photorealism? People have been doing that for years, making their paintings look so realistic that it could as well have been photographs. Today I want to share some videos of this with you. It's mind blowing to see some of these artists work!

Before I show the videos, I have to say this; these are done in time-lapse. Time-lapse is when a person records on their computers / tablets WHILE THEY DRAW and then speed the whole film up afterwards. These are real, by real artists. Prepare to have your minds blown.

Amazing huh? You can go back to YouTube and search for speedpainting videos out there. Some are incredible, some are so-so, but there are thousands of them out there. Here are some examples of finished digital artworks. None of them belong to me, I just don't know who did these.

Awesome huh? The last few are my own artworks. You can check out more here if you want to. I'm not half as good as these guys up here, but I try! (:

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,

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