Thursday, 15 November 2012

DIY Gifts for Christmas!

Hello beauties!

First up, I want to ask you to say a prayer for my grandmother, who is heading for cancer tests. It's possible that she has stomach cancer, the very same kind that took my granddad from us. This is difficult for all of us and it's really not the kind of news you want any time of the year, but especially not before Christmas. What makes it worse is that gran is out in KZN, which means we can't even just give her a hug or be ther when the tests happen. We're headed out to Durban for my cousin's wedding next weekend and we'll see her then.

Anyway, on to today's post and positive thoughts. Do you do DIY for Christmas? We do it all the time. I have a fairly large family and getting gifts for everyone is hectic. So, we've made all kinds of things, from rusks to mini trays to centrepieces for tables.

I won't tell you what we're making for Christmas this year, because so many of my family members actually read my blog. Hiya, mommy, aunties, cousins and Willem! (If my family were to stop reading my blog, I'd only have one person a day checking it out and her name is Liani. (: Sad, huh? Just kidding. Thank you readers all over the world for taking the time to read my bloggie!! You rawk!!)

Again, my ideas come from Pinterest, so if you'd like to see the whole tutorial on how to make the things I'm posting here, check it out on my craft board.

How about making some soap or body scrubs or lipbalms or candles? It's always cool to give handmade beauty products, especially to people like me who don't use products tested on animals and our vegan friends as well. Besides, giving a handmade gift meant you actually spent special time on each person or family and it means more than simply buying something from a shop. I think so at least!

Hope this helps!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,

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