Monday, 19 November 2012

My travel bucket list!

Hello beautiful people!

Hoping your weekend was sublime. Friday night we went to see the glittery movie, on which I won't post my thoughts here, out of fear of raging fans who will rip off my head. Just like in the movie. ;) Saturday we went shopping, I did someone's makeup and we had a layd back evening at home. Sunday was family day and we celebrated my lovely cousin Tanja's 21st with some awesome peanut butter pie.

Ten places I really want to see before I die. I tell you, picking only ten was difficult, but I did it. There are some places I want to go back to, like London, SCOTLAND and the Netherlands, which I didn't include in this list. I also added some South African sights I've never seen, places I really want to go. So, in no particular order (except if my subconscious mind is guiding how I rank these... tam tam taaaam), here's the ten places I want to see most.

1) The Grand Canyon in Arizona.

In fact, I want to see ALL of the USA, from coast to coast. But if I could pick only one place to go in the whole America, I'd pick this one. It seems incredible to see, almost magical, and I've heard amazing thisng about it.

2) Machu Piccu in Peru.

I mean, honestly, the remnants of ancient civilisations left behind in breathtaking scenes, surrounded by mountains and blue skies and green grass and epicality (just made up that word...)! Who wouldn't want to go there?

3) Greece.

I want to see all of Greece, from Santorini to Mykanos to the Parthenon, to the Delphi Theatre to everything else there is to see. Doesn't it look magical?

4) Rome.

Yes please. Italy is amazing. I loved Venice and I'll love the rest of it. But Rome has the Colosseum, the Sistine Chapel (and a myriad of other cathedrals and churches), the Roman forum, the Pantheon and many art galleries and museums, which beckons to me. And Asterix and Obelix had no small part in the fact that I really want to see this magical structure!

5) Gods Window, Mpumalanga, South Africa.

Talk about breathtaking views. I live in a beautiful country, my friends, make no mistake about it. And close to this incredible place, you can see the Blyde River Canyon and Burke's Luck potholes, which I've been told, is spectacular. (Come to SA, my international friends! It's purdy here! (: Really.)

6) Japan.

Cherry blossoms, ancient palaces and traditions, crazy modern technology, manga and anime, snow capped mountains and all round wonderfulness? Japan is waiting for me to arrive. It has been for quite some time! :)

7) Spain.

The place where they close everything to nap in the middle of the day. How well I'd fit in! They call Madrid the busiest place in the world, with shops open to the early hours of the morning. Liani and I would be unstoppable there. Barcelona, I hear, is spectacular. And olive skinned, dark haired, beautiful people everywhere? Buy me a ticket please!

8) Ireland.

Pubs, beer, football, green grass all year round, ruins and castles! They say Ireland is awesome and I want some of this awesomeness for my own, personal self. Besides, I love the Irish accent and Westlife. :P

9) Egypt.

This place is only so low on the list because I forgot which places I have left on said list. Folks, I've dreamed of going to Egypt since I was a child. I've researched the ancient civilization my whole life, with my favourite Pharaoh being Hatshepsut, who was the first female Pharaoh. I mean, the PYRAMIDS! And the SPHINX! And the VALLEY OF THE KINGS! WOW!!

10) Knysna, South Africa.

Pronounced nice-nah, located on the Eastern Cape coast, otherwise known as the Garden Route, Knysna is simple spectacular. Dense woods, beautiful coasts and a magical lagoon is what you'll find there. And some of the friendliest people in the world hail from the Eastern Cape. Well, South Africans tend to be friendly anyway, no matter where they're from. But tell me you don't want to be here :

What ten places would you mist like to see? Drop me a line!

Oh, just an early heads up, there'll be no post on Friday, since I'll be attending my cousin's wedding in Balito. Monday I'll bring you a super duper weekend post with pics of blue ocean and sandy beaches. :)

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,

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