Monday, 26 November 2012

My weekend in pictures : wedding, waves and family

Hello beautiful people!

I hope your weekend was just as fun as mine. Though my weekend was crazy busy, we had a blast at my cousin Neill and Evette's wedding. You guys looked really purdy and we hope you have a wonderful time on your honeymoon. On a family related note, happy birthday Shants! I told you all my cousins have their birthdays in November...

We headed over to Ballito on Thursday night and we arrived just after 11 PM, after 7 hours in the car to get there. Friday morning we spent on the beach and had a lovely breakfast in a restaurant overlooking the ocean. Here's some of the beach pics.

 Friday afternoon I spent doing makeup as we all got ready for the wedding. My skin was terrible this weekend and the pressing heat and wind didn't help at all. On top of that, our hair got blown around, so we all looked a little swept away on the wedding pics. But we had a blast anyway.

The wedding took place at Collisheen Estate, Orchard House. Everything was made up really nicely and the place is beautiful. Here's some of the wedding highlights.

My aunt Flora, the mother of the groom, during her makeup session.
My cuz Anschke and I
The groom, Neill and his mother and father.
The groom's wheels for the day.
Some shots of my handsome cousin Neill, who looked dashing and debonair. :)

In the chapel, from left, my aunt Tessa, my granny, my momsie and my daddy.
My cuz Larissa and her fiance, Eugene.
My uncle Arnou
Prepping the bride for her grand entrance.
Evette and her father as he walked her down the isle.
The lazy way of blowing bubbles, illustrated by my uncle Francois.
The bridesmaids

 The bride, Evette, between the bubbles. She really was a blushing bride and the smile almost never left her face during the entire evening.

Neill and the bubbles
My daddy and the bride.

 The sweet table. We each got a small brown paper bag and a licence to eat, as we could fill our bags with sweet treats from the table. There was a huge variety! Love the idea! And those cupcakes were the very best I'd ever had at any wedding!! The following two pics are of the decor behind the newlywed's table and the incredible string duo who made beautiful music during the service and while we ate sweets. :)

These pics are of my granny-pants, the one I asked you pray for. We still don't know if she has cancer or not, since she has to go for the tests sometime now. I ask that you keep her in your prayers and I'll keep you updated on her health. She's beautiful, isn't she?

Cutting the cake.
Family photo. From left, Larissa, my grandma, my aunt Tessa, myself and my cuz Anschke.
My uncle Jannie, the groom's father, looking really zen and in the zone. 
A wacky family photo with cousins Shantelle, Tanja, myself, Larissa, aunt Flora and Anschke.
My mommy and daddy
My uncle Arnou looking cool.
Larissa, Gangnam style.
The whole Wessels clan spent Saturday together, eating and having fun together. The older cousins, aka, myself, Jan, Larissa, Eugene, Tanja and Anschke, took the younger cousins to the beach and we spent some time in the waves.

And then, on Sunday morning, we set off to come back home, with a FULL car and a lot of laughter.

My daddy, your country needs you! :)
A pic taken on the way back in the car.

Thank you, family for a great weekend! I'm looking forward to seeing you all again Christmas. One thing I'll keep close to my heart is the fact that I have such a large, loud and wonderful family. We may not always see eye to eye and we may not always see each other at all, but knowing I have some folks out there who really love me brings a tear to my eyes. I love you all, uncles, aunties, cousins and my granny-pants (on both sides of the family). You all make life worth living!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,

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