Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Breakfast in bed!

Hello beauties!

I had so much fun with Liani, Tanja and Anschke yesterday! Can't wait to show you the phodies!!

Today I have a craft tutorial for you. Inspiration took me some time ago and I scrambled to get all the things I needed together. Friday was D-Day and I made this :

It's to hang up my dishcloths! Don't you think it's cute? We've been doing some minor renovations here (and by that I mean I ripped out a cupboard in my kitchen two weeks ago, and by 'I' I mean, yes, I did it myself!) and now I have a empty spot against a wall for this beauty. I took pictures of how I did it especially for you!

What you'll need:

* I used a canvas board sized 20 x 30 cm.
* Paint of coloured paper
* Spoons or hooks of your choice
* Screws
* Pens and embellishments
* Glue
* About half an hour to an hour.

Step one is to either paint your board or stick down the paper you're using. I chose paper because I wanted that slight texture to show.
 The second step is to stick down the borders. I used paper again, but you could just paint a border as well, or you could leave this step out if you want to too. My paper strips were 3 cm wide and I stuck it down with double sided tape.
 Next, work out your typography. I did mine on a plain sheet of paper and transferred the letters to the canvas.

Then, with your pens (I used a black permanent marker and a silver paint craft pen), write the words on the canvas.

 The next step is to stick down your embellishments. I used dark grey rhinestones on the border and around the word breakfast. My rhinestones along the border go from biggest to smallest on the one side and smallest to biggest on the other. This is simply because I didn't have enough rhinestones to use only one size. :P
 Next, you'll need to bend your spoons. You can try doing this by mind control, but mine were so thin I bent them by hand. Got them at China Mall for next to nothing. I used three.
Right. You'll need to measure out how far apart you want your spoons to be and then mark it.

You'll also need to drill small holes into the handles of the spoons. (Get someone to help you here if you're under age or if you struggle with it!!)

Lastly, you'll screw the spoons onto the board and you're done!

I'm getting mine varnished, because it's made of paper and I want to use it in the kitchen (don't want steam and food splatter to damage it. Yes, we eat like savages!!).

Hope you enjoyed this post! If you want to see more crafty posts in the new year, let me know and I'll see what I can do!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,

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