Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Christmas dining : traditional or modern?

Hello beauties!

What will you be doing for Christmas lunch / dinner this year? Since we have a Summer Christmas here in South Africa, we like having this kind of meal here :

Cold meats, cold salads and finger snacks. Some years, we enjoy this around a pool, or outdoors and we just bask in the sunlight. For desert, we have trifle.

 This is the perfect Christmas meal for our climate and our overall laid back style in sunny SA. I also believe it's a more modern approach to Christmas. Everyone brings a salad or a plate of cold meats and everyone eats together, rather than a single person making the roast and veggies, running up and down all day long.

Speaking of a roast and veggies, this is the more traditional approach to a Christmas meal, isn't it? We don't really do turkey here in South Africa, we rather go with chicken or lamb or pork. Or all three. We don't mind! :)

A traditional meal is awesome as well and I can imagine that my Northern friends prefer this type of dinner in your colder climates. And who doesn't love a good old Christmas pudding?

So, enlighten me; what are you planning in terms of food for the holidays? Is it outdated to have a traditional style meal? Are you health conscious and would you rather have something less fattening or vegetarian or vegan? Or do you still throw in the bird and eat it?

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,

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