Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Coconut ice for Christmas!

Hello beauties!

Have I ever told you my hubby likes to cook and bake? He loves it so much that he actually orders stuff for the kitchen as gifts for Christmas and his birthday every year. Bless his little heart! If you meet him,, you'd never guess this fact about him, being the Geekmaster and all. :)

Anyway, last night, he had the urge to make coconut ice and he did such a good job that I grabbed my camera and shot him. (Jan is alive in spite of this fact. But there are pictures of his cooking prowess.) You'll need three main ingredients to make this; condensed milk, coconut and icing sugar. With that, a pinch of salt, a dash of vanilla essence and colouring if you want it.

Here's how to do it :

First up, you need a tin of condensed milk. Mix in a dash of vanilla essence and a drop of colouring and stir well.

The easier way to do this would be to pour the contents of the tin into a bowl and add the vanilla and colouring then, but who pretends to understand the logic of Jan? Not me, and I've been married to the man for four years! :)
Secondly, you need 500 g icing sugar. Pour this (pour or just chuck?) into a bowl. Don't stick your fingers into this and eat it dry! (:
 Next, you'll do the same with the finely shredded coconut. You'll need 500 g of this as well and (chuck) it on top of the icing sugar.

Don't you just love my action phodies?
 Mix, mix, mix! Make sure to get all of the icing sugar. Here you can optionally add a pinch of salt. Everything in life is better with a little salt!

When you've mixed the coconut and icing sugar together, pour the condensed milk in as well and stir again.

A shot of the cook. Aint he cute?

If you don't get it mixed well enough with the spoon, don't be afraid to stick your hands in there!

 When you're done mixing, grease a container. I say container because you can use whatever you feel like using here. Then press the concoction into the container.

At this point, if you have another colour you want to overlay onto the first, do so and press it down as well. We didn't have enough ingredients for a second colour. But pink's fine too! :) Refrigerate for about an hour, or until the mixture isn't squishy anymore. It shouldn't give way when you press onto it.

 Then, take up thine knife and cut into thine coconut ice. You want to go for blocks here if you want to get out the most sweet treats, but if you want to be all fancy and superior, you could always use a cookie cutter and cut out cool shapes.

We went for the square option. :)
And voila! You have lovely and (overly) sweet coconut ice in under an hour!

You can add this to your list of home-made Christmas gifts as well. Though I have a message for my family; Jan says you won't get any, make your own! He gets kind of like Gollum over the 'precious' when it comes to stuff like this!

Anyway, I hope you have a fantastic day and you run off to try this soon.

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,