Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Steampunk shoot!

Hello beauties!

So, on Monday, Liani and I had some fun with a fantasy shoot again. My cousin Tanja was the model (we promised her this shoot so long ago, I can't even remember when!) and Anschke was the 'assistant' (shame, she carried around all the props and wardrobe changes.)

This is how it turned out :

Purdy dang cool, aint it?

I did the makeup. Basically, on her eyes I did a black base, layered gold on top, dark outer v, funky, pointed black lashes (the part I cut off to fit her eye served as the bottom lashes) and thick, black upper and lower liner. I did a browny / peachy blush and reddish brown lip. I also coloured in one of her beauty spots, so it would stand out.

In order of how it went down, here are the rest of the pics.

Getting there with the makeup.
Makeup, check!
Liani directing Tanja on the pose
She's got a gun! (Plastic, btw, and spray painted.)
Looking cool!

Some poses with the top hat. Didn't it look really cool? You should contact Liani if you're in the Jo'burg area and you want to do one of these shoots! Props and makeup included.

Wardrobe change.

My cuz kind of looked like Snow White to me! Her natural hair colour is much lighter than this, but I think it looked really cool on her.

After another wardrobe change.
Anschke and I having fun on the sidelines


And then, after a last wardrobe change, we got these cool ones. The amazing thing is, the major wardrobe changes here was mostly jackets and accessories. Incredible what a difference a jacket can make to a picture, don't you think?

The whole process takes about three hours, including the makeup and wardrobe changes. I ran around with my small camera as well this time and had some fun snapping away and trying not to get in Liani's way! :)

That's all folks!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,

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