Friday, 21 December 2012

The year in recap, Bloomin' style

Hello beauties!

It's the end of the world as we know it, la la la la! Apparently, I'm a 21 Dec 2012 survivor. Please get in contact with me if you survived as well! :) I'm glad we're all still here, even though I never believed the world would end today anyway. But, I'm going to do my last post of the year today, because I want to spend the festive season being festive with my family and friends. I'll resume posting around the third of Jan 2013. So, as a last salute to this year, I'm going to do a recap of my biggest posts throughout the year.

The first of these is the one of my cousin Neill and my new cousin Evette's wedding. It was a record post for me, the first time ever the blog had more than 1000 hits in a single day! I'd gotten close many times before, but never actually surpassed 1000 and it's never happened after that again yet. But I say yet, because I have big plans for the future!

The two most popular posts of the year on the Bloomin Couch were these two, What your nails say about your health and Eye shapes. These two posts pulled the most views and searches throughout the year and that's why they landed this honourable mention in this recap post.

Another post that claims a record is one I did this very week! The steampunk photoshoot with Liani and Tanja came in close second with the amount of views, almost reaching the elusive 1000.

Some other stuffs happened this year, I had relative success with one of my hubby's pics on Pinterest, managing to get it repinned quite a few times. It was this one, from the Bokeh post.

I also had some success with the posts on animal cruelty in the beauty industry, setting some records with those that have only been broken in the last two months. People got to talking about this heinous practice and it actually moved some of the people in my life to go cruelty free as well. I haven't forsaken my cause at all, and in the new year, you'll be reading some more on this topic. I had the most comments on a single post with Animal testing continued, counting ten and I'm glad people sat up and noticed this post.

The posts on our vacation in London and Europe pulled some major crowds as well. These have the labels 'Travelling' and 'Personal', so you can go back and check em out if you missed something.

In the mood for crafts? My first ever step by step craft tutorial took place in May this year, with my mother's day crafts! That was before my mumsie started to read the blog and I could still get away with posting spoilers on the Bloomin blog. These days, I can't do any such thing, like the fact that I know who won X-Factor this year! :)

I also did two special effects makeup step by step tutorials, Pencil stuck in my hand and the one where my cousin Anschke got mauled.

I tried my hand at YouTube videos and I made a few, but found out I really (REALLY) don't like filming myself and stopped. I'll try to do makeup tuts in the new year like I did the fx makeup tuts, with pictures instead of videos.

In the coming year, you'll see the blog get revamped somewhat. Though I'll still do posts on hair and beauty, it won't be the main focus on here anymore. I want to do more book reviews, more craft tutorials and have more recipes. I want to feature more artists, more musicians and more amazing movies. I'm working on a little idea with my cousins and hopefully you'll see that come to life in 2013, along with my book. I also want to start a serial story here, to develop my writing skills.

The blog will also be less pink and I might revamp the logo too. If you know me, you'll know I'm not a very colourful person! When I buy clothes, I buy black and grey and it's only recently that I started to acquire other colours to wear. The most of my home is decorated in shades of red and overall, I'm kind of dull! The blog started out with a black background (remember that??) and in 2013, I might just go back to that. Keep an eye out!

With this I'm gonna say, have a very merry Christmas and holiday season, may all your dreams come true in 2013 and may the new year hold only blessings, cheer, love and success for you. Remember that you are a brilliant, incredible and wonderful being and that you can achieve those goals, no matter how impossible they seem. Thank you all for your support on this blog of mine, thank you for coming back to read every day and for your encouragement throughout the year. You're all awesome!

C ya next year!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


  1. Exciting jaar vir jou gewees!! Volgende ajar gaan amazing wees!!! Yo gaan be amazingly famous kan nie wag om trug te kom En te brain storm oor ons plan nie ;) enjoy you Holliday gaan die blog miss En miss jou baie

    1. Love you lots cuz! Mis julle ook en wens julle was hier!! :)