Monday, 3 December 2012

Tickle me pink!

Hello beauties!

What did I do this weekend? Lemme tell ya. Friday night was spent with the world's best cousins and we had a great time chatting away until late. We went shopping on Saturday morning and in the evening we went to the third annual Energizer night race in South Africa.

Franco and some of his friends did the 10 km run, while Liani, Jan and myself did the 5 km walk. I'm heavily unfit, so this was all I was willing to take on (though a 5 km walk after my travels abroad really isn't much in my mind anymore.)! Not to mention the fact that I'm really night blind. But anyway.

The entertainment was awesome, including Tokyo Groove, Code Red and an amazing laser show. The bestie and I wore pink wigs for the Pink Drive in support of Cancer and we looked like Katie Perry clones. At least the wigs kept the rain out of our hair!

We had a bundle of fun and by the time the race started, the rain had stopped and the cold had subsided somewhat. I hope to see the whole lot of you there next year! If I can do it, so can everyone else on the planet. Besides, there were families with kids under 10 years old who did the 5 km walk together. Anyone can walk the walk!

South African Olympic swimming sensation and gold medallist Terence Parkin was there as well, doing the 40 km mountain biking relay, along with a massive group of deaf athletes. It was inspirational to see them all together, taking on the 40 km in the dark.

And I just want to congratulate Franco and Dewan who finished the run with really good times. You guys rawk!

Enjoy our pics!

The Pink Ladies

Pouting for a picture...

Jan with his headlight on

Notice Liani's bandaged finger. Don't ask.

Group pic! Franco's in the front with the green, next to him Adolf, Marius and Dewan. In the back from the left, myself, Liani, Jan and Annelize.

The girls in pink.

My paparazzi - husband.

Flirting with the camera

Tokyo Groove performing.

The Code Red drummers doing what they do best.

Twirling the drumsticks through the air.
These guys were really awesome, beating out funky beats. You can check out their website here and a taste of their drumming here on YouTube.

Pics from the laser show. This was pretty amazing and you should go to the night race just to see this part of the evening next year.

Fire breathers performing just before the 5 km started.
I hope your weekend was amazing as well, and that your week will be only incredible and positive. If you're in the Jozi area, stay warm and dry. I can't believe we're wearing sweaters and jackets this time of the year! We should be swimming and tanning! :)

Stay beautiful folks! And be kind to animals.


  1. Pinkies and the Brain!

    Looked like lots of fun, have a great week :)


    1. More like the brainies in pink...

      Was awesome fun! Next year, you can join us! Can't wait to see you (and my Kindle). Have a great week yourself! :)

    2. I know, I just had to use that line, you girls are pretty smart as well ;)

      I'm starting to wonder what will happen if I pitch up there without your Kindle... Haha!