Thursday, 31 January 2013

Hair tutorials for shorter hair

Hello beauties!

I'm biased on this topic, because I have short hair. :) But have you noticed that only tutorials for long hair seem to float the web? Girls with shorter hair want get all glammed up sometimes too, which means that we need help in getting our hair looking fabulous as much as girls with long, luscious locks.

So today I have a round-up of videos and images on styling short hair into everything from topknots to wedding styles. Hope you enjoy!

These first ones are from The Beauty Department, where you can find many awesome beauty tutorials.

On to the video tutorials. Some of these are for girls with really short hair, some for shorter bobs and some for longer, shoulder length bob's, so all of us are covered! :)

Right, in order from top to bottom, these tutorials are from :

Daven Maeda
The Small things
Cute Girls Hairstyles
Whippy Cake
and Klair de Lys

Hope you liked this post! Let me know if you want to see more short hair tuts, or long or curly or whatever. I'll see what I can find for you!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Art profile : Thijme Termaat

Hello beauties!

Thijme Termaat is a FRIGGEN INCREDIBLE ARTIST! Why am I screaming? Beacuse he's EPIC and FANTASTIC and AMAZING. And I may be on a sugar rush. Just maybe. :)

Thijme is a Hollander who made an awesome YouTube video called I Paint, which I'll share with you in this post, showing his talents as a painter. He's ambidextrous (meaning he can use both left and right hand) and in the video you can see him painting incredible scenery with both his hands. Impressed yet? No? Did I mention he paints with both hands AT THE SAME TIME?

Prepare to have your mind blown. I have never, EVER (ever...), seen anything like this in my whole life. And I've seen my share of art (and talent) and then some. You HAVE TO WATCH THIS VIDEO. Don't skip this one.

And now, I'm speechless.

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Some awesome makeup looks!

Hello beauties!

I found two amazing makeup looks on Makeup Geek last night and I couldn't resist sharing them with you, along with a bunch of others from Pinterest that I LOVE.

These first two are from Makeup Geek's inspiration reel. Isn't that red and turquoise look INCREDIBLE (though I'm not a fan of the shaven eyebrow myself, but kudos to her for having the guts to shave hers off!! :))?! And the white, red and olive green combo is amazing as well.

These following ones are done by Linda Hallberg, who is a real makeup guru. Some of her work is seriously awe inspiring. You'll know her from Pinterest's beauty boards!!

These following ones are some of my pins. This just made me realise how lazy I've become with makeup. I use to do all kinds of crazy things when I just started out! Making a mental note to put in more effort!! :)

I'm loving this teal / turquoise trend that's been rearing its head. It's a great combination colour (to pair with golds and bronzes, browns and blacks and even adding it as a pop of colour to a grey smoky eye.) and it looks amazing with any eye colour as well.

I knew I said at the beginning of the year I'd do more makeup tutorials this year, at least once a month. I'm sorry I haven't done that yet. I'll try to get my act together in February. Sorry peeps, I've been really preoccupied with this novel project of mine. At the moment, I'm trying to think up ideas for the book's cover as well as trying to find someone to do the maps for the novel for me. It's been editing and doing research about publishing and then all the little things on the blog as well. I'm so one track minded!

But this is incredibly important to me, so please, bear with the shorter posts and absolute randomness you've been seeing.

I've been reading Lauren Conrad's Beauty (which the bestie got me for Christmas) and it's full of ideas for the blog. I'll get to sharing some of her tips with you as soon as I've actually finished the book. This must be the book that's taken me the longest in the history of my reading to complete! I mean, I finished the whole Harry Potter series over Christmas, and that while we had family gatherings almost every day, there was bungee jumping, intense hangout sessions with friends and much eating. :)

But as I said earlier, I'll get my act together, I promise. Don't look at me that way! (:

Stay beautiful folks and be kind to animals,


Monday, 28 January 2013

Meet my family!

Hello beauties!

I have no idea what to blog about to day and I have no inspiration either!

I hope your weekend was amazing. Mine was great. My cousins came to visit on Friday and my brother had reason to celebrate just after that (proud of you, boetie!), so we had cocktails and cake. Not kidding here. :P Jan and I had a relaxed evening after that. Saturday was kind of busy and we spent the evening with Liani and Franco.

Yesterday was my daddy's birthday. We gave him a pizza oven for Christmas and his birthday combined, with a consolation gift of whiskey infused fudge and this card (which I drew on my tablet).

The back basically says 'handmade with love for daddy from Yolandie'. Hope you had an awesome day, dadz. Love you lots!

So, since I don't know what else to blog about today, and in honour of my dad's birthday yesterday, I thought I'd share some our family pictures from Christmas with you. Meet my purdy little family!

My mommy and dadz sharing a glance

My brother, Jean, my mom, my dad, me and my Jan.

My mom and her kids

My mommy and me. Aint she so purdy?

My dadz and us. Love you daddy!!

My brother and my daddy.

Mom and Jan. He took the pics (as usual) which is why he is in so few. Jan hates photos!

My boetie (the Afrikaans word for brother) and Jan being weird. :)
Please remember to have a look at my novel and please vote in the poll. Voting time is running out quickly now, so please take the time to do so if you haven't yet. I really appreciate your support in this!

As for my other novel, I've been having some questions. This online novel is not the one I've been telling you about for the last few of months. I have two now, the online novel (which is a completely new story) and the written novel, which is totally different (I posted about it here, here and here, amongst other times).

As far as this official novel goes, it's finished (really this time). As in completely. It has a title and everything. (: I subjected it to a final edit over the last week or so and I'm planning on sending it to a professional for a proof read and edit next. This should be finished for publishing later this year, if everything goes according to plan. What I'm saying is, I want you to be able to buy it as Christmas gifts. :D

This online novel is simply to get my name out there, which could make the publishing process somewhat easier when the time comes for the official one to be published. I've had poems published before in South Africa, but this book thing is a whole new league. But in broad terms, writers get more easily published with the more they have written, which is available out there and successful.

Which is why the online project is so important to me, since it can play a big role in getting my dream made a reality. So, please, vote! And share with your buddies and family. :)

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


Friday, 25 January 2013

The easiest gradient nails ever!

Hello beauties!

I've got a step by step picture tutorial today on how to get the world's easiest gradient nails. I've been loving gradient nails for a while now, and I've worn them in every thinkable colour. I think it's because it's edgier than painting a solid colour over the whole nail, it's less perfect than a coloured French mani and it is so easy to do.

You can do this with a fan nail art brush as well, though I find the method I'm about to show you is a lot easier. I'm combining the gradient nail, which will be big in 2013, with metallics and glitter, which are two of the year's biggest nail trends. And two of my favourite things ever. Which makes me think I should have titled today's blog 'All that glitters is not gold.' If you caught that one, you have gained an awesome level. :P

On to the nails!

 What you'll need :
* A nail polish of your choice (I used Essence Colour & Go, 140 Go Bold!)
* A glittery or plain topcoat (I used Essence Colour & Go, 04 Space Queen)
* A clear topcoat if you went with the glitter, I used Planet Nails' clear UV glaze, which isn't in this picture.
* An old CD or other mixing plate of your choice. Use a CD you don't want to use again!! Or a clean one.
* A makeup sponge.
Step one.

Tear up the makeup sponge so you can easily hold it. Then add some of the nail polish to the CD. You'll keep adding as you go on, because it dries quite quickly.

Dab the sponge into the nail polish.

 Step two

In dabbing motions, add some polish to your nail. Focus most of the product on the nail tip, lessening it as you go downward, towards the skin.

It can be quite messy, don't panic about it!

 Step 3

After your nails have dried, add the glitter coat as well.

I stuck some rhinestones to my ring fingers here.

Step 4

After you've let the glitter dry, apply your top coat. Here's me just baking on the UV glaze. :)

And that's it! I apologize for not cleaning the skin around my nails before taking these pictures, but I wanted to get it done for the blog. I think this took me all in all about twenty minutes to do, and that includes the baking time of around 10 minutes total for the UV glaze. This is super easy and looks so stylish! I get a lot of compliments whenever I wear my nails this way. Here's the finished product.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Please folks, read my little novel and vote! It's just a click away!! I really appreciate the support I've had so far, but I ask that you continue to help me out in this regard. This is a dream coming true in the making!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


Thursday, 24 January 2013

Les Mez!

Hello beauties!

So, this is what I got up to last night :

I had no idea what to expect of this film, since I'd never read the book and I haven't seen the musical production either. But, who wouldn't want to see the all star cast in action, as well as see what all the hype is about?

I saw the trailer some time ago (here in South Africa we live under a rock. Les Mez only started showing last Friday here...) and this film has been on my to do list ever since. If you haven't seen it for whatever reason, here it is.

I have always loved Anne Hatthaway. She's beyond incredible and it showed in this film. Hugh Jackman? Deserves every nomination and award he gets for his performance and more. Russel Crowe was brilliant. I mean, even Sacha Baron Cohen, who normally plays high comedy and very slapstick kind of roles, was absolutely fantastic in this film, playing alongside an always amazing (and quirky) Helena Bonham Carter. Amanda Seyfried was fabulous as well, reaching those glass shattering high notes. I had never heard of Samantha Banks before this film, but she's very noteworthy now! What a voice!

Here's another quick behind the scenes :

This film is incredible and verges on the epic. The actors were brilliant, each and every one. The cinematography was friggen intense and amazing. Costumes and makeup was really amazing, ageing and sickening up the actors really well. Overall, this was probably one of the best movies I've seen in my life.

But don't think you'll walk out of the cinema feeling uplifted and light hearted. Because you won't. This is not a positive film at all. I left feeling drained and kind of depressed. Which says something for the acting! This is a very emotional film, touching on very emotional subjects, such as death, crime, poverty and religion.

If you haven't seen the film yet and want no spoilers, don't read on from here. :)

The story is in essence about a man, Jean Valjean (Hugh Jackman), who was starving in the French Revolution. He was raising his sister's son and when he realised they would die of hunger, he stole a loaf of bread for them to eat. Of course, he was caught and sentenced to slavery to work off his crime for nineteen years. The film begins where he is serving the final day of the sentence and is released on parole by police officer Javert (Russel Crowe).

Jean is classified as a dangerous criminal and can't find work or even shelter, anywhere, due to his papers stating this fact. All of this for a loaf of bread? Yes.

So he finds shelter in a parish somewhere, where the priest is very kind to him. But he decides to rob some of the priests valuables and runs off, only to be caught again. But the priest is good to him again, telling the officers that he'd given the silver to Jean Valjean, and Jean had even forgotten to take two candlesticks, which had been part of the gift.

This leads to Jean tearing up his papers, violating his parole and becoming a fugitive hunted by Javert. He sells all the valuables, but for the two candlesticks and builds himself a new life, helping people where he could. He becomes the mayor of a small village and the owner of a factory, where Fantine (Anne Hatthaway) works.

She's discovered to be sending money to her illegitimate daughter, Cosette, and is dismissed from the factory, which forces her to turn to prostitution to survive. Meanwhile, Javert had come back into the picture, relentlessly hunting Jean down. And he recognises him, filing a report against Jean.

After some events, Jean finds Fantine very ill and takes her to the hospital to recover. Events lead to the capture of an innocent man as Jean Valjean and real Jean has to do some soul searching; would he let an innocent take his place? The answer was no. He gave himself in, but is allowed to leave.

He goes to Fantine, who is very ill, and begs him to take care of her daughter, before she dies. He goes in search of the girl and immediately forms a father-like bond with her. He pays off the tavern proprietors who had been 'taking care' of her. Thenadier (Sacha Baron Cohen) and Madame Thenadier (Helena Bonham Carter) drive a hard deal (being fortune hunters and thieves), but Jean pays them what they require and takes Cosette to raise her.

Nineteen years pass and talks of rekindling the flame of revolution in France start. Jean had raised Cosette (Amanda Seyfried) to a young woman, but the two were still on the run, even though she had no idea why. Javert was still on their trail after all this time. By chance, Cosette lays eyes on Marius (Eddie Redmayne), a young nobleman fighting for revolution, and the two instantly fall in love.

Marius asks Eponine (the daughter of the Thenadiers, played by Samantha Banks) to find Cosette for him. Eponine is in love with Marius, but does as he asks and finds her, causing a second meeting between the lovestruck two.

Many things happen, Jean and Cosette are forced to leave once again and revolution breaks out. Jean learns of Marius and Cosette's romance and wants to see this young man for himself. So he goes to the front lines of the battle. Meanwhile, Javert had baan caught by the young revolutionists and Jean claims he wants Javert for himself. But instead of taking vengeance upon him, he lets Javert go free.

Gavroche, a young street urchin (played by BRILLIANT young actor, Daniel Huttlestone) is shot by the guard and pandemonium breaks out, resulting in full warfare. All of the young revolutionists die, but for Marius, who is gravely injured and saved by Jean.

Javert finds Jean, while carrying Marius to the hospital and can't bring himself to kill Jean, after his act of mercy before. So he commits suicide. (gasp...?!?!?! yes, that's what I said.)

Jean saves Marius' life, reuniting him with Cosette and they get married. In the end, after a long and troubled life, Jean dies and finds peace.

And that's the story. I told you, it's quite draining and depressing. I've heard of bad things happening to good people, but nothing good ever happens in this film. Constant poverty, hunger and death and if that's not enough, we'll take your hair and your teeth too. :)

If you go to see this, be sure to take tissues and be prepared. It's a brilliant film, with an outstanding cast, but it's heavy and depressing. It deserves every award it gets!

Let me know if you want to see more movie reviews!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Hello beautiful people!

One of the first art forms I ever loved was pencil drawings. The pencil was my weapon of choice for the greater part of my life, before Jan got me my tablet and I went digital. Some of the pencil sketches I did was good, but none of them ever came close to these folk's art. I found some pencil drawings on the interwebs and I thought I'd share them with you. :)

The first two are both by artist Callie Fink and they are incredible, don't you think? Doing blone hair this well is quite difficult, a feat that I personally struggled with since the very beginning.

The following drawing is by artist Olga Melamory Larionova, FairyARTos on Deviant Art. This may well be the best drawing I've seen in my life.

The previous two are by Randy Owen, aka Randy-man on DA.

This awesome sketch is by Asaria Marka.

The previous two are by Brazilian artist Josi Fabri, Esteljf on DA. Amazing detail!

This brilliant water squirt drawing is by Sheeroo 3 on DA.

These last two drawings are by Riefra on DA. Beautiful!

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,