Thursday, 10 January 2013

2013 Hair trends

Hello beauties!

So, onward from yesterday's post we go. Did I just sound like Yoda? I swear, I just sounded like Yoda! (:

Anyway. I'm bringing you the hottest hair trend forecast in the world. Not because it's so awesome, but because we're in the middle of a heatwave in Jozi. Sorry folks, I feel my whimsical coming on...

As with the makeup, there are a lot of recurring trends, though some have been slightly altered. Lay back and enjoy this hairy ride!

 * Knotted hairstyles

I must say, as far as hair trends go, Juliane Hough has been on fire, and not at the least with this trend. Her take on the milkmaid braid meats knots is all the rage right now and I have to agree, I think she nailed it. Knotted hair will be big this year, and you can wear it in up-styles, ponytails or half-up styles as well.

*  Headbands and scarves

Need I say more? Tie something around your head and you're fashionable. :)

* Loose, textured waves

If you want to see most of the year's biggest trends in one picture, go no further than this one of the newly-wed Mrs. Timberlake. Nude, no-makeup-makeup eyes, matte red lips, blunt fringe and textured waves! These waves should look like you just stepped off the beach. Perfect waves are so last year. ;P

* Farrah Fawcett Flick

Here's an unexpected one. But as they say, old trends always come back someday. This look was made popular again by none other than the Duchess of Cambridge and has been seen popping up everywhere since. Worn here by Katie Holmes, the Farrah Flick is back! Swept and smooth on top and loosely curled at the bottom, this is such an effortless style.

* Middle parts

This one has been lingering at the edge of trending for a while now and last year saw the return of the middle part at last. This year, it's going even stronger and I bet next year it'll still be a big thing.

* The Pompadour

Yet again miss Hough is way ahead of the rest of us with her hair sense! Pompadours and faux  mow-hawks are going to be big this year. This is another of those trends that you can wear with up- or down- styles as well as waves or straight.

* Pastel colours

Although hair chalking is out and bright pinks and purples in the hair went with it, pastels are spot on this year. Lavenders, subtle pinks and turquoises are trending and you can go for the whole head, like Kelly Osbourne, or just go the ombre route.

* Simple, sporty ponytails

The started on runways, where the stylists wanted to give the impression that the models had just thrown their hair back into ponytails before going onto the catwalk. It should be fairly effortless and simple, not at all the done up ponytails we've been seeing for the past few years.

* The pixie cut

But specifically, Anne Hathaway's pixie cut, has been making headlines. And I have to say, she looks really great with her hair this way. This picture, by the way, is another piece of proof at the HUMONGOUSNESS of the no-makeup-makeup trend.

* Blunt bangs / fringes

This trend was big last year as well and the same still applies to it. The fringe should be eyebrow height and cut straight across. Please check out your face shape before you go for this look. It's one of those things that can make a square or rectangular face seem even more angular, like Olivia Wilde's does in this picture!

* Ballerina buns

I hope this is the trend that knocks off the top knot. I hate the top knot look!! But anyway, ballerina buns are chic and can be worn to a formal, to a day at the beach and to a night out with friends, depending on how you style it. It can be worn higher on the head or in the nape of the neck and will look fabulous, dahlings!

* Side swept bangs / fringes

YES! This is the way I tend to wear my fringe, so I'm really glad that it's in this year. Longer fringes, simply swept to the side with a smaller parting.

* Vibrant and coppery reds

In terms of colour, this is going to be a red-hot year. Reds in bluish tones are going to be big, the vibrant scarlets, cherry reds and rose reds like Florence Welsh so loves. But the more yellowy reds will have their spot in the limelight as well this year, coppery auburns and reddish blondes are going to be big.

What hair trend will you be going for? Lemme know!

Tune in tomorrow for the first instalment of my new little story, which you will be the first to see. 

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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