Wednesday, 9 January 2013

2013 Makeup trends

Hello beauties!

This post was inevitable, wasn't it? I've got the biggest trends of this year for you right here! (Next week we'll do the hair trends too.) Some of these were big last year too, you'll recognise them easily enough. Some are funky and some are weird, but they were dictated by the fashion guru's of the world, so we must follow. :) Do you ever actually wear some of these trends? I have to confess that I tend not to. I'm very set in how I apply my makeup and I tend to stick with the tried and tested.

But anyway, the trends :

* Coloured Mascara.

This was a taboo for so long it feels weird just typing it! But this year you can expect coloured mascara to make a massive comeback. Pair it with light, natural makeup, or heavy smokey eyes and you're good to go!

* Bright lipcolours

Once again this trend is big. Same as last year, the bolder, the better, though I'm not sure you'll be seeing the yucky blue and green lipstick anymore!!

* Matte, red lips

Red will always be a HUGE trend, but this year, you should opt for the matte finish instead of the shimmers and sheers. Check out my post on red lipstick for your skintone.

* Strong brows

Yes, this is another repeat offender. Strong, full eyebrows are still in and over-plucked, thinner brows are still not in. I like this trend!!

* No-makeup-makeup

I doubt this trend is going anywhere soon. While abroad, we witnessed this countless times and it seems the girls like it. I like it as well, because it enhances natural beauty instead of slapping on layers and layers of makeup to make someone look like a plastic doll...

* Metallic eyeshadow.

Yes, this one is back as well. It seems to me the silver is especially trending  this year, though bronzes and golds will always be in as well.

* Accented lower lashline

Yes! I'm glad for this trend, because it can look so cool when the lower lashline is accented with a pop of colour. And the beauty of this is you can do your normal smokey eyes or everyday look and simply add the colour to the bottom of the eye. This goes with the major eye makeup trends of the year beautifully!

* Sixties look

You're going to see this one everywhere, from hair to nails to makeup. The sixties are back in town and you can take a look at their makeup techniques and styles and bring them to party in 2013.

* Fluttery lashes and lash extensions

This year you can officially get your lashes extended and not face the fashion police about it. You see, every Hollywood actress has been doing this for years, but it was an unspeakable act. Now, you can not only extend your lashes and boast about it, but you'll be highly trending as well! In terms of extensions and stick on's, the flutterier and softer, the better.

And that's a wrap on the makeup trends, so far. You know how it goes, halfway through the year people will start doing something new (especially in Japan. It's hard to ignore what they do over there, being the world's biggest trend setters!!) and a new trend will emerge. I'll try to bring it to you as it happens!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals, 


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