Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Art profile : Thijme Termaat

Hello beauties!

Thijme Termaat is a FRIGGEN INCREDIBLE ARTIST! Why am I screaming? Beacuse he's EPIC and FANTASTIC and AMAZING. And I may be on a sugar rush. Just maybe. :)

Thijme is a Hollander who made an awesome YouTube video called I Paint, which I'll share with you in this post, showing his talents as a painter. He's ambidextrous (meaning he can use both left and right hand) and in the video you can see him painting incredible scenery with both his hands. Impressed yet? No? Did I mention he paints with both hands AT THE SAME TIME?

Prepare to have your mind blown. I have never, EVER (ever...), seen anything like this in my whole life. And I've seen my share of art (and talent) and then some. You HAVE TO WATCH THIS VIDEO. Don't skip this one.

And now, I'm speechless.

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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