Friday, 18 January 2013

Friday Favourites

Hello beautiful people!

Can you believe another week has ended already? This is just scary. I want to share some of my current favourites with you today, but before I get to that, just a short update.

Jan asked me last night why I haven't blogged about animal cruelty recently. The answer is simple, there isn't really any news to convey to you. There was one big thing that happened; animal testing has been banned in Israel, which is awesome. I started sending out emails to South African companies regarding animal testing again this week and I'll update the list as soon as I get replies from them.

I've also removed one of the companies from the list, as I'm no longer certain (beyond any doubt) that they are cruelty free. Smashbox cosmetics used to be on there, but I've since found out that even though they don't test on animals themselves, the company is owned by Estee Lauder, who does.

If you're uncertain about a company, please email me and I'll get an answer for you if I don't have one. You can also click here and here for more information, without having to go further than this blog! :) Thank you for the emails that have been coming in, it's really heartening that so many people out there care about animals and stopping the tests on them!

OK, on to the favourites!

As far as hair go, I love these two styles. I'm really missing my pink and purple hair at the moment. I'll seriously have to look for colour extensions, since my henna'd  hair isn't going to work well with bleach and dye at the moment! :P And that mow-hawk is so cool. Liani, we need to do a shoot with hair like that!!

Inspiration for the weekend from my favourite artist of all time. Isn't that wonderful? I think I'll just grab a brush and paint something today!

This must be the coolest accessory I've ever seen and I want one. If you know where I can buy one of these, drop me a line!

Don't you love these colourful makeup looks? I've been known to wear bright green eyeshadow, though I haven't done it in a while. This inspires me to start doing bolder looks again. And the teal is just awesome as well.

 My current favourite series is this one. But I have to say, it's difficult to keep up with all the twists and turns! :)

The top and bottom pictures are of my favourite artworks at the moment. The top one is a digital painting of Assassins Creed (a game for you non-geeks) and I think the detail of the breaking glass and on the armour is just breathtaking. The piece is called Assassin's Creed and it's by Stupid-Crow on Deviant Art.

The following piece is called Drowning in the sea by *Squ-chan on DA as well. I've been getting more into manga again lately and it's my goal to get this good! :P Don't you just love the expression and the colours? I absolutely love this!

I love this wedding invite. Maybe it's because mine followed the same curved pattern! But I think the lace detail is stunning and the pearls finish it off nicely.

This simple nail art is striking and cool. I'll try it sometime and upload for you guys.

I found these funnies hilarious and I had to share!

Loving steampunk Leya. And those boots! :)

This cute baby deer tugs at my heartstrings. And it's a stunning photograph as well.

I think this is an awesome art project, which I might just attempt to do with all our leftover coins from our European trip. We also have a lot of change from the rest of the world, since Jan kind of collects it. This is a cool way to get it out of jars and to where people can actually see them! :)

I love this cake. Tanja, I want this cake! (:

Breathtaking Ireland. Where in Ireland this was taken I have no idea, since it always looks so green and friggen perfect there. I would sell my car to go! I think Ireland has officially knocked over the rest of the world in my travel bucket list.

And to send you into the weekend, my current favourite song. This one has been my favourite for about two months now. I just LOVE this song. And Ed Sheeran on the whole.

To see Ron Weasly (Rupert Grint) as an obsessed fan was kind of weird though! This was a ginger explosion! :D

Anyway. You can find some of these images on my Pinterest. Others I found by the Google route. I hope you enjoyed this post and you have a fantastic weekend!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,



  1. Hi, the moustache ring you're looking for ... they had an orange one at Mr Price, I picked one up and they're so adorable! Sorry don't know of any ones with just metal colours :-)

    1. Thanx Elrese! I'll be heading over there for sure to get myself one! :)

  2. I was watching Revenge too and then I missed one and then I got lost. Too many plot twists! I like your blog x

    1. It's hectic, isn't it? My brain feels slightly fried because of it!

      Thank you for reading and your comment! :)