Thursday, 17 January 2013

Golden Globe makeup!

Hello beauties!

So, I'm late with this post. I'm sorry, it kind of slipped my mind. I'll make it right by being more on par with the Oscars, I promise.

Anyway, this year at the GG's, there was basically a half and just less than half split in what people did with their makeup. There was only a brave few who did something else. And I can seriously say the same when it comes to hair. Where's the variety? Even though they all looked good (well, almost all of them), I wish the Hollywood starlets would take more chances when it comes to makeup and hair! But maybe, that's just me.

The groups for the evening can be divided as follows :

The fresh faced / glowy makeup look. This was sported by probably the majority of people, including Kate Hudson, Anne Hathaway, Taylor Swift, Amanda Seyfried and Sienna Miller. This is how they looked :

I thought Sienna Miller looked slightly dull.
Kate Hudson's take on the glowy look.
Taylor looked soft and feminine, though I have to say some colour would have rounded off the look beautifully. She's young and vibrant and it should have showed.

Anne Hathaway was the evening's golden girl and looked stunning with her feminine makeup added to her boyish hair. A lot of people didn't like her ultra pale skin with the white dress, but I think it works.

Amanda Seyfried is the talk of the beauty world at the moment with her soft, glowing look.
I found this look slightly ageing on  the usually glowing Jennifer Garner.
Kristen Bell added a pink lip to her look.

The next group included those who wore smoky eyes. These could be seen n charcoals and bronzes and even some golds here and there, in different intensities, paired up with nude or coloured lips. But all were smoky eyes.

Claire Danes wore this soft grey smoky eye paired with a pink nude lip.

Emily Blunt looking fantastic (as always) with her soft pink mouth and greyish brown eyes.

Jenny from the block wore her usual charcoal smoulder and nude lips.

Another actress who went for the tried and tested was Sophia Vergara, with her usual bronzed goddess look and red lips.

Juliane Hough  wore a golden smoky look which brought out her baby blues beautifully. Also, kudos to her for wearing the evenings coolest hairstyle. I think her faux hawk looked fabulous and she was one of the only women to do something different than old glam curls!

Halle Berry always looks great and it's no different with her metallic grey smoky eyes and very nude lips.

Jennifer Lawrence went the bronze route, paired with corally nude lips.

Now this lady has been making headlines! Katherine McPhee's sultry charcoal and black eyes and pinkish nude lips looked amazing with her brown eyes. Her hair was also one of the few distinctions of the evening. The messy topknot (as much as I despise topknots on the whole) looked great on her.
The last group consists of the few women who did something different from the rest.

Adele did what she always does, her heavily winged liner and extravagant eyelashes. She paired it off with a nude lip to bring old Hollywood back to the red carpet.

Zooey Deschanel opted for dark liner and coral lips.

Nicole Richie went for pale blue eyes and very pale nude lips. I'm not convinced by this look personally.

Hayden Panettiere went for a very pink, soft look.

Kaley Cuoco wore this vampy, dark look, which I feel aged her and drained colour from her complexion. As  much as I love the actress, I really didn't like this look. Maybe if her dress hadn't been so pale?

Anyway, what did you think of the red carpet look this year? I wonder if we'll see much of the same with the Oscars, or if someone's stylist will have a bright idea and do something else? Give me your views below in the comments!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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