Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Hello beauties!

During this festive season, my brother in law came to visit. As it is with Willem, he likes to do extreme things and while he was in South Africa, he did plenty of those. From river rafting to quad biking to today's post : bungee jumping.

We set off to Orlando towers in Soweto on the 27th of December for three jumps. Willem and Carina were going to do their first bungee's (though both of them have done the bungee swing a few times) and Jan was going for the swing, being a first time jumper. I was going along as the photographer and moral supporter. I like my vertebrae where they are, thank you very much.

You know Orlando is a major tourist attraction in Johannesburg, where I live. So, if you ever come to Jozi, make a swing (see what I did there? ;P) by Orlando. There's a ton of other stuff to do in Soweto as well, so you'll see many sights while there.

Anyway, I'll do run along commentary with descriptions below each photo.

Some of the art on the sides of the towers. It is believed that the Orlando towers murals are actually the biggest murals in Africa. It's really amazing and beautifully done. You could visit the towers simply for the art! :)

In the elevator and ready to set off to the top, which you can see from the following pictures, is pretty high up.

The following pics are all of Willem's jump. I took so many, you could actually make a stop-photography video of the photos! :)



The brave survivor afterwards, still smiling. Ironic that even the employees at Orlando, who have jumped many times, agree that defying death this way is unnatural. (:

The following pics wee taken by Willem of Carina's jump. He took a different approach, getting closer underneath the jump and taking some amazing pics from that angle.

Another survivor, looking relaxed and smiling after falling from the sky. Carina didn't even scream, she took it all in stride (or flight) and was really cool about it afterwards.

Moving on to Jan's bungee swing. Check out my hubster flying without wings (sorry, I've been holding that one back for this whole time. It slipped out!).

Even had time to wave at me! Or my general direction, as he was without his glasses and had NO IDEA what he was seeing. Says he'll get contacts the next time. Next time?! :O

Afterwards, even Jan smiled. He's already planning his next plunge from Oriby Gorge in KZN.

Anyway, thank you guys for all the positive comments on the blog's new look! I've had a couple of suggestions for topics this year and I'll keep them in mind. But keep the ideas coming! I really appreciate it, since, you know, writing about stuff every day means you run out of ideas!

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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