Monday, 28 January 2013

Meet my family!

Hello beauties!

I have no idea what to blog about to day and I have no inspiration either!

I hope your weekend was amazing. Mine was great. My cousins came to visit on Friday and my brother had reason to celebrate just after that (proud of you, boetie!), so we had cocktails and cake. Not kidding here. :P Jan and I had a relaxed evening after that. Saturday was kind of busy and we spent the evening with Liani and Franco.

Yesterday was my daddy's birthday. We gave him a pizza oven for Christmas and his birthday combined, with a consolation gift of whiskey infused fudge and this card (which I drew on my tablet).

The back basically says 'handmade with love for daddy from Yolandie'. Hope you had an awesome day, dadz. Love you lots!

So, since I don't know what else to blog about today, and in honour of my dad's birthday yesterday, I thought I'd share some our family pictures from Christmas with you. Meet my purdy little family!

My mommy and dadz sharing a glance

My brother, Jean, my mom, my dad, me and my Jan.

My mom and her kids

My mommy and me. Aint she so purdy?

My dadz and us. Love you daddy!!

My brother and my daddy.

Mom and Jan. He took the pics (as usual) which is why he is in so few. Jan hates photos!

My boetie (the Afrikaans word for brother) and Jan being weird. :)
Please remember to have a look at my novel and please vote in the poll. Voting time is running out quickly now, so please take the time to do so if you haven't yet. I really appreciate your support in this!

As for my other novel, I've been having some questions. This online novel is not the one I've been telling you about for the last few of months. I have two now, the online novel (which is a completely new story) and the written novel, which is totally different (I posted about it here, here and here, amongst other times).

As far as this official novel goes, it's finished (really this time). As in completely. It has a title and everything. (: I subjected it to a final edit over the last week or so and I'm planning on sending it to a professional for a proof read and edit next. This should be finished for publishing later this year, if everything goes according to plan. What I'm saying is, I want you to be able to buy it as Christmas gifts. :D

This online novel is simply to get my name out there, which could make the publishing process somewhat easier when the time comes for the official one to be published. I've had poems published before in South Africa, but this book thing is a whole new league. But in broad terms, writers get more easily published with the more they have written, which is available out there and successful.

Which is why the online project is so important to me, since it can play a big role in getting my dream made a reality. So, please, vote! And share with your buddies and family. :)

Stay beautiful and be kind to animals,


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